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Sidekicks Story: The Beginning and Beyond of Sidekicks

27 Nov 2020

American author and retired businessman Lawrence Bossidy once said, “nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day you bet on people, not on strategies.”

This aligns with what we strongly value at ClinkIT Solutions. As Paul Harris, ClinkIT Solutions CEO, put it, “We want to find the top talent and create a work environment full of smart people who push the boundaries and want to grow.”

Hence, the Sidekicks Program came to life in 2018 with the goal to train students and fresh graduates and welcome successful trainees as full-time employees, whom we call Superheroes. The program has since evolved with more people taking part in the search and training of exceptional young IT & Computer Science talent.

As we continue to qualify the 4th batch of Sidekicks, our focus is still on finding the best talent and providing the training, experience, and work environment to help them achieve their full potential by pushing them out of their comfort zones and helping them discover and enhance their skills.

We have asked some of our former Sidekicks who are now among our amazing junior software developers about their experience in the Sidekicks Program.

Hear from our Sidekicks turned Superheroes

Karl Steven Arca applied to at least seven junior software development positions before he joined the Sidekicks Program. “I would pass the exams and make it until the last interview. But I’d end up getting rejected or not receiving a call back,” he shared. He never gave up and then he saw a post about Sidekicks. “I am glad I gave it a try,” he added.

For Steven finding an IT-related job is not difficult. The real challenge is in finding the right job that best fits your wants and interests. Some jobs don’t have much to offer. There’s low compensation, required work on weekends, and very limited room for career growth.

“I am very grateful that I became part of the Sidekicks Program. It allowed me to witness and experience first-hand what happens in a real work environment, from software development to client engagement and in every stage of the project,” Steven added.

In Wayenard Sey’s experience, he found the job search after graduation to be challenging because, just like many aspiring fresh graduates, he also had specific priorities he was looking for in a job. “The Sidekicks Program provided a seamless transition from being a student to Superhero, because as a Sidekick, we were already involved in some ongoing client projects,” he said. “My favorite part of the training was the learning and bonding with my fellow Sidekicks.”

Keith Ng, was employed when he applied for the Sidekicks Program. “As a fresh graduate during my time, I’d say landing a job with good pay and career opportunity was a real challenge. The 3-month training as a Sidekick really gave me the chance to grow and gain experience in different technologies,” he said. “The training in sales was especially memorable. It’s the first time I experienced meeting with a client.”

For Christian Hilario, the Sidekicks Program was the first opportunity that crossed his path. He was still a graduating student when he learned about the apprenticeship. “I don’t think there are many companies, if not none at all, offer this kind of apprenticeship,” he said. “The Sidekicks Program is a perfect transition from college to career. It taught me work ethics and diligence and helped me decide the path I want to take and the technologies I want to specialize in.”

“Companies usually offer trainings that focus only on one technology or role. The Sidekicks Program definitely stands out if compared to the job descriptions I saw in the other companies I applied to. It is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss,” Jefferson Nilo added.

Behind successful sidekicks are women

ClinkIT Solutions Training & Development Specialist Sophia “Sop” Lim spearheaded the Sidekicks Program since its inception. Aside from being the program lead, she’s also the person whom the trainees can consider the Sidekick “Mom”, because she checks in with everyone and brings all Sidekicks and mentors together. Sop considers working on this apprenticeship program as one of her greatest joys at work. “I see the Sidekicks Program as a passion project that constantly drives me to seek both my self-development and the growth journeys of others,” she said. “Witnessing the Sidekicks graduate and hearing them excel in their respective projects and fields have been some things that I anticipate in every batch.”

For the 4th run of the Sidekicks Program, we welcome onboard a new program lead, Katherine Bairan. “I look forward to meeting bright, driven, eager, and highly skilled sidekicks,” she shared. “Sidekicks will not only have a well-rounded experience but also have fun and find enjoyment in what they do.”

About the Sidekicks Program

Sidekicks is a 4-month apprenticeship program for fresh graduates who have IT and Computer Science skills. Sidekicks get training not only in software development, but also in sales and project management. Successful Sidekicks get an opportunity to become full-time Superheroes and work at ClinkIT Solutions as junior software developers.

Applications have officially closed, but the Sidekicks program will return next year. For more opportunities to become a Superhero, check out our Careers page for more job openings.

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