Discover the Hero in You

Begin your journey to becoming a kickass junior software developer!

Application is now closed.

ClinkIT Solutions is looking for the heroes among us. If you are a fresh graduate with IT and Computer Science skills, then that hero can be you.

Begin your training as a sidekick!

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4 Months of Training

Gain more experience from a longer period of hands-on training in a work environment. 

Layer 14

3 Professional Skills

Get immersed not only in software development but also in sales and project management.

Layer 15

5+ Experienced Mentors

Work closely with our veteran software engineers, account managers, and project managers.

Why Join the Sidekicks Program

There are no shortcuts to becoming a Superhero. The Sidekicks program opens opportunities for you to sharpen your skills and unleash the hero in you.

Layer 19

Experience in the real world

Advance your learning through practical application of your skills, and get guidance from experienced professionals.

Layer 16

Find out your super skills

Put your skills and knowledge to the test, strengthen them, and excel in what you love to do.

Layer 18

Jumpstart your career

Sidekicks graduates who excel during the program have a chance to become a full-time ClinkIT Superhero.

How do I become a Sidekick

1. Assess your superpowers.Learn the qualifications here and review your skills if you embody the qualities of a sidekick.

2. Submit your sidekick profile. Send us your most updated resume and show us that you have what it takes to be a sidekick.
3. Test your technical strength. Shortlisted candidates will be notified on taking the short exam to gauge your technical skills.
4. Share your adventures. After passing the test, you will be scheduled for an interview with our ClinkIT Superheroes. Inspire us with stories of your triumphs and ordeals.
5. Convince us that you are a hero among us. At the final stage, you will meet our ace engineers and impress everyone with a final project.
6. Receive your sidekick pass. After persevering and overcoming these trials, the finals day will close with an invitation to join forces with our ClinkIT superheroes.

Application is now closed.
We thank all those who’ve shown interest.

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Sidekicks program will return next year.

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