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ClinkIT creates proven business solutions by providing software, hardware and services to over 100 startups and multinational clients worldwide.

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ClinkIT Solutions + NetFoundry

Impressive applications, networks, and service WITHOUT time, cost, and process SETBACKS caused by traditional networking.

Introducing ClinkIT Solutions

Innovators. Dreamers. Superheroes.

ClinkIT Solutions is a Software Services Company and Microsoft Solutions Integrator that delivers top-of-the-line I.T. solutions to businesses around the globe.





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We're ClinkIT Solutions; we are what you need.

The company boasts nearly 20 years of experience in the I.T industry, offering a wide range of solutions – from simple to the very complex – bringing success to our clients across the globe.

Our Services

With ClinkIT, NetFoundry’s platform empowers global business connectivity without compromising complexity, cost, or time.

software development

Premier custom software to help sustain and improve enterprise requirements and priorities within today’s demanding timeframes.

sharepoint development

Build and optimize SharePoint workflows of any complexity with minimal coding and programming through ClinkIT’s seamless integration with Microsoft and SharePoint.

application development

Improve efficiency, solve unique business challenges, and accelerate your growth with carefully developed and effectively enhanced apps for businesses across industries.

Data Analytics and Visualization
Data Analytics
and Visualization

Visualize and analyze any and all facets of data for business-driven insights and tools that will drive significant revenue increases and cost reductions.

Cloud Migration and Hybrid Cloud
Cloud Migration and
Hybrid Cloud

Gain access to a fully customized hybrid cloud solution for seamless and successful transition of your business-critical applications and databases to cloud-based environment.

Managed Services

Build your startup dream team through the collaborative strengths of world-class developers, innovators, and web professionals.


Improve the skills and expertise of your in-house developers and engineers through expert-led training courses and certification programs delivered in a variety of different formats depending on client/business requirements.

We Deliver Success

ClinkIT Solutions provides enterprise solutions that cut to the chase, edge out competition, and excel beyond your business expectations.

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Our Superhero Teams

We have assembled an expert team of specialists from wide-ranging fields – ordinary individuals with extraordinary talents complementing each other resulting into collaborative endeavors only superheroes are capable of.

We would love to share with you how our unique approach can turn all your ideas into projects of perfection.

sales and marketing
project management
Project Management
cloud infrastructure and sharepoint
Cloud Infrastructure
applications development
Technologies & Engineering
managed services team
head honchos



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