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Sidekicks Program: Discovering Future Talent to Create a Diverse Team

07 Oct 2020

How do you find talent? The conventional way is to advertise the job, screen applicants, interview and give them an exam. But it takes more than a couple of meetings and hours of evaluation to discover superheroes with extraordinary skills, sharp minds, and the right attitude.

At ClinkIT Solutions, we have created Sidekicks, a 3-month apprenticeship program, to identify and mentor fresh, highly skilled tech talents and help them reach their full potential. This includes a comprehensive training not only in software development, but also in sales and project management. At the end of the program, the Sidekicks who excel and have shown outstanding performance have a chance of becoming full-time ClinkIT Solutions’ Superheroes.

“Through the Sidekicks program, I found a way to learn more new things in IT, discover my strengths, and sharpen my skills,” said Camille Cruz, former Sidekick and currently a ClinkIT Solutions Junior Developer. “I also appreciate the fact that the company is willing to help me find a role where I can perform well and excel.”

Through the program, Sidekicks are immersed in different roles, allowing them to explore and decide which career path they want to pursue.

Mastery of Sales:

The sessions include mock simulations with our very own veteran Sales Team. The Sidekicks are also given the opportunity to shadow our account managers and join in the client meetings.

Mastery of Project Management:

During this stage, the Sidekicks are tasked to make mock project documentations using traditional and agile processes. They may also join our project managers in periodic meetings of ongoing projects.

Mastery of Software Development

At this final stage, the Sidekicks will learn directly from ClinkIT Solutions’ Senior Developers about the best coding practices, new languages, and techniques, and get hands-on experience to improve their current skills.

“I decided to join the Sidekicks program because of the training it will provide me, and a unique opportunity (back then) of working from home,” said Wayenard Sey who joined ClinkIT Solutions as an Infrastructure Engineer after graduating from the program.

Another Sidekick graduate and currently one of our junior developers, Jaymel Tapel shared, “This program definitely helped me jumpstart my career as a developer. It also taught me that being a good developer isn’t just about being skillful in coding, it is also about being a good communicator, team player, and being a leader at the same time.”

“The program was more than what I expected, because I thought it would be just about learning software development,” he added.

“Sidekicks is the perfect transition from college to the corporate world for a fresh graduate without any experience in the industry,” said Junior Developer Christian Hilario. “There is a balance between being challenged and being guided through each topic or technology. The program also gave us trainees a glimpse of the real world—giving us an opportunity to improve our professionalism and work ethics.”

There have been 4 batches of Sidekicks who are now part of ClinkIT Solutions’ amazing team. The program will reopen and call for applications in the near future so don’t miss out.

Future talent becoming a diverse expert team.

Bringing diversity in the workplace is not only done through hiring the best and the brightest, but also welcoming potential talent and providing them the opportunities to grow and succeed with us. Through this, ClinkIT Solutions is able to maintain the flow of ingenious ideas and the excellent quality of work we deliver to our clients.

We are proud to say that 40% of our employees are women and 50% of our employees graduated from the top 8 universities in the Philippines. We have Microsoft Certified Professionals and Associates in our development team. And we continue to discover amazing talent through our Sidekicks program. After all, delivering world-class projects depends on the people who work on them.

Whatever your business requirements may be: IT and development, training, content & digital marketing, finance & accounting, admin & back office support, or contact center, our team can provide you with the services and quality you expect. With ClinkIT Outsource, you can trust that we will help you achieve your goals and take your business to success. Let’s talk. Schedule your free consultation today.

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