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Top Five Benefits of Microsoft Teams for Remote Work and Distributed Teams

15 Jun 2022

Microsoft Teams is one of the most popular choices for workplace collaboration software. It’s Microsoft’s all-in-one solution which responds to competitors by offering feature-rich chat, secure video calling and file sharing all on one platform. This destroys the competition such as Slack and Zoom, with more than 145 million daily active users as of April 2021. This number skyrocketed from just 13 million daily active users in 2019.

There’s plenty of good reason for Microsoft Team’s popularity. Those familiar with the app love it for its easy-to-use interface, quick response times, and seamless experience. It makes working with your team remotely so much easier. That’s why it continues to gain more and more downloads every single day.

If you haven’t tried Microsoft Teams yet, you should! Here are our top 5 reasons that you need to download Microsoft Teams today.

1. Streamlines work and saves time

Microsoft Teams serves as Microsoft’s “hub for teamwork,” bringing together chat, calls, meetings, Microsoft 365 apps, and third-party solutions in one area. By integrating many Microsoft 365 tools in one centralized place, Teams surfaces and leverages functionalities that help distributed teams and remote workers communicate and collaborate better.

2. Hosts more effective video meetings

During the epidemic, videoconferencing has become a necessity, and one of the numerous advantages of Microsoft Teams for distant work is improved video meetings through features such as automatic noise suppression, meeting join launcher, and end-of-meeting notifications.

3. Enables seamless collaboration

By utilizing Microsoft Teams’ collaboration capabilities, you can focus on the flow of work rather than transactional messaging and meetings. Tags make it easier to reach the right people faster; users can create and share a calendar with members of a specific Teams channel; and, offline auto-send ensures productivity even without an active internet connection.

4. Makes conversations and connections more meaningful

There are breakout rooms, live reactions, and together mode – all of which help lessen fatigue from frequent video meetings and gain a better sense of connection with others.

5. Keeps everyone informed

It’s more important than ever for organizations to keep their remote workers and distributed teams informed and on the same page – no matter where they work. The mobile-friendly Bulletins app enables users to post memos, announcements, and other company news while the Milestones app is a central place to plan, track, and update the progress of work items.

Microsoft Teams can help you level up your business. It boosts your productivity and allows you to save time by seamlessly integrating video calls, workplace chat rooms, file sharing, bulletins, milestones and more. By having all these features in one place, you create the perfect digital office environment to keep everyone informed, engaged and connected.

Access Information From Anywhere, On Any Device And At Any Time

Whether traditional, hybrid, or distributed teams, if you’re looking to embrace new technologies to grow at an unparalleled pace, Microsoft Teams is the app for you. From small business owners to large corporations, your business can experience seamless communication and collaboration with Microsoft Teams.

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