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Top 5 Business Benefits of Microsoft Office 365

24 Feb 2020

Microsoft Office 365 is not just another productivity tool in the cloud. It can provide any company – whether small, medium-sized or those looking to expand their operations – many advantages that are beneficial for business growth and success.

1. Familiarity

For most companies including outsourcing IT services, using Microsoft products such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. is second nature. The layout and menu options are familiar and easy to navigate; there’s no second-guessing where functions and commands are; and, it takes minimal to almost zero training to be able to use its shortcut keys.

With Office 365, you’ll hit the ground running because you will be using something you’re already familiar with. Even if your office has to migrate for the first time, you don’t have to worry about setting aside hours of training or making huge adjustments as it still comes with desktop applications offering the same user-friendly capabilities, features, and functions.

2. Accessibility

Running any software locally on your computer means always anticipating required system updates or potential server failures which could put a stop to all work and lead to a nosedive in productivity.

Because of the 24/7 availability of Office 365 with up to 99.9% up-time guarantee, you can be sure that everyone can continue with their daily tasks with minimal interruptions.

In a traditional workplace setting, you can access all data both online and offline. For companies with employees working at home or with offices based in multiple locations like in the case of global outsourcing IT services, all that’s required is a reliable internet connection to allow everyone to access data, work on projects, and collaborate with teammates anytime, anywhere.

3. Cost-Effectiveness

You do not need any specialized equipment, large initial outlay, or complex on-premise server solution to start using Office 365. The affordable subscription fee options make Office 365 incredibly useful for start-ups, SMEs, or even big businesses on a tight budget. Office 365’s unique combination of affordability and best-in-class technology levels the playing field between small and often cash strapped start-ups and large established companies with deep IT pockets.

4. Robust Security

Microsoft directly provides world-class, enterprise-level cybersecurity protocols for all of its Office 365 products – guaranteed accountability you can rely on. You get to enjoy a more environmentally-friendly cloud, there are backup systems and disaster recovery plans in place, and it eliminates the need for expensive hardware for your server rooms.

  • Data Loss Prevention: stringent policies are being implemented to ensure that all sensitive data and information are protected within your organization
  • Encrypted Email: only the intended recipient can read what you’ve shared or sent out
  • Multi-Factor Authentication: additional verification methods are employed during user sign-ins
  • Advanced Threat Analytics: the smart detection process of suspicious behavior on the network – one way to prevent human error
  • Mobile Device Management: in case of theft or loss, mobile devices can be controlled via the central network to avoid company information from being accessed or leaked out

5. Always Up to Date – Version Integrity

Traditional single system licenses are eventually rendered obsolete, forcing users to either buy the next version or limp along with the old version. Office 365 is always up-to-date, allowing you and your teammates to use the same edition from the latest version.

The Bottom Line

Office 365 is a popular productivity suite for many companies worldwide. If your organization is interested in reaping the benefits, contact us today for a free consultation on the best Office 365 subscription plan that is right for you.

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