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Sidekicks: Born Digital

03 Nov 2021

Manila, PH – There is a growing demand for top IT talents that can survive and thrive in a digital-first world. ClinkIT Solutions is now accepting new applications for its Sidekicks 5.0: #BornDigital on November 2nd!

ClinkIT Solutions first launched the incredibly popular Sidekicks Program in 2018 with the goal of identifying, training and growing exceptional young IT and Computer Science talent into high-potential developers, project managers, digital marketers, or salespeople. Each year, ClinkIT Solutions receives hundreds of applications for the Sidekicks program. If selected, students, fresh graduates, and highly-skilled tech talent go through an intensive three-month comprehensive training in the fields of software development, sales, digital marketing, and project management. At the end of the 12-week program, the Sidekicks who have shown outstanding performances will have the awesome privilege of becoming one of ClinkIT Solutions’ full-time Superheroes.  

According to ClinkIT Solutions, Sidekicks 5.0: #BornDigital is all about honing future talent to be the best of the best and lead the digital revolution.  The program aims to grow the technical skills of the participants, train them in the ClinkIT Solutions technology, processes, and world-class delivery of tech solutions. In addition, they will also be exposed to working in a data-driven organization while understanding the corporate culture of the company. All this will gear them up to accelerate their career growth roadmap and meet the demanding business challenges of the future. 

Participants of the Sidekicks 5.0: #BornDigital will work closely with veteran software engineers, account managers, and subject matter experts providing intensive mentorship and training on cloud-native practices, new-age technologies, software engineering best practices, and many other in-demand IT competencies. For the entire 12-week duration, they will learn the ins-and-outs of each professional skill, be highly equipped for specialized roles that contribute to technology development while delivering value to customers.  

“Digital economy advancements have led to a surge in demand for highly-skilled tech talent. Organizations need to adapt, respond, and accelerate their businesses in this digital-first economy. At ClinkIT Solutions, we are proud that the Sidekicks 5.0: #Born Digital will enable participants to step up and satisfy the industry’s evolving digital transformation needs,” said Paul Harris, Chief Executive and Technology Officer, ClinkIT Solutions. “The growth, progress, and future of any dynamic digital-first economy builds upon the foundation of a strong and skillful tech talent pool. We recognize the role and that (sic) our organization has in helping to train top tech talent to help strengthen this foundation, bridge the critical skills gap, and propel a digital-first economy forward and faster to the future.” 

At ClinkIT Solutions, fresh graduates, young developers, and budding digital specialists will get access to a variety of skill development and training programs across extensive cloud training and certifications, new technologies, innovative reskilling and leadership programs, and other perks. 

“For more than half a decade now, ClinkIT Solutions has doubled the headcount of new hires. The community has grown stronger and more united over the past year. To keep pace with evolving technology and advance in their careers, we have facilitated a pathway for the next generation of professionals through effective programs and policies. These include creating a more effective workforce strategies, strong digital upskilling programs, and world-class digital platform to support remote work,” added Harris. 

Sidekicks is a 12-week tech bootcamp program designed to empower high-potential individuals. The program is founded on a partnership between academic mentorship and professional experience. During the 12-week program, the Sidekicks take part in a highly selective program at 6x Gold Microsoft Partner ClinkIT Solutions. The program includes networking opportunities and comprehensive training on Sales, Project Management, and Software Development. All of these will help the Sidekicks to enhance their career path with ClinkIT Solutions further.  

About ClinkIT Solutions 

The ClinkIT Solutions story began in 2015, with clients like you in mind. Before Paul Harris established ClinkIT Solutions, he had over two decades of technical and leadership experience in the IT industry which became the strong foundation to assemble and manage a team of hard-core developers, project managers, digital marketers, and business developers. His goal: Do what’s right for the customer, the company, and the rest of the sh–t will fall into place. Today: Expect world-class expertise, quality-driven services, and customer-focused solutions to help your business transform, thrive, and excel from the initial planning through implementation, support, and beyond. 

ClinkIT Solutions takes pride in being an authorized member of the prestigious Microsoft Partner Network (MPN). The organization is a 6x Gold Microsoft Partner – having proven its eligibility and expertise for the following competencies: Analytics , Application Development , Cloud Platform , Cloud Productivity , Collaboration and Content, and Data Center . ClinkIT Solutions has been instrumental for building groundbreaking products for startups such as The Crowd’s Line and for delivering flawlessly executed IT solutions to Fortune 500 companies worldwide.  

ClinkIT Solutions Ethos 

We believe that the key to success in a competitive, relentlessly changing industry is to DELIGHT customers. It’s about YOU, not the brand/product/service that we are marketing. To get it right for you today, tomorrow and in the future, we operate in a quality bar that’s expected in the global market but a price point that’s different. Our boundary-pushing, ‘better than leaders’ growth mindset makes it possible to turn mere customer satisfaction to absolute customer delight. Learn more here.

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