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Your journey begins here: 4 Reasons why you should join the ClinkIT Solutions Sidekicks Program

13 Nov 2020

Are you a fresh graduate with a degree in IT or Computer Science? Now, you are thinking about what to do next. Of course, getting hired is the logical next step, but landing a job is another challenge. There are thousands of fresh graduates like you looking for the same job. Companies with vacancies require work experience. And the list goes on.

ClinkIT Solutions can give the break you are looking for. We are searching for the heroes among us. If you think you are one and are excited to start your journey in becoming a kickass junior software developer, then you should join the Sidekicks program.

Sidekicks is a 4-month tech apprenticeship program for fresh graduates with IT and Computer Science skills. Here are the reasons why you should not miss the chance to become a sidekick.

  1. Get work experience in the real world

    You already have the technical knowledge and did some projects in the university. It is time to test your technical skills in the real world. Sharpen your talent with the guidance of experienced professionals. When you become a sidekick, you will be working alongside veteran engineers and get hands-on training. You will learn industry best practices and up-to-date techniques that were not tackled in your college courses. The Sidekicks program are for individuals with raw talent, thirst for learning, and the right attitude.

  2. Find the work you love and where you can thrive

    You chose your college program because it is aligned with the profession you want after you graduate. Perhaps you have excelled in the subject in high school, know people who are successful in the field, or you read about it online or saw it in the movies and thought it is cool.

    Doing the actual work is a different story. When you start on the job, that’s the only time you will find out if your field of choice is the right one for you, or you may realize that you can explore career paths that you genuinely enjoy and can pursue. The Sidekicks program helps you explore this right at the beginning of your career. Sidekicks are immersed not only in software development, but also in sales and project management in the IT industry. This way you can discover your talents and enhance them so you can reach your full potential in a work you are passionate about.

  3. Work from home by default

    Working from home is not as unique as it was before since the pandemic began. However, even when the crisis ends, apprenticeship and work at ClinkIT Solutions stay as the default mode of work. In fact, we have been doing remote work since 2015. We leverage on technology for communications and collaborations for the projects we do. Work with people from various locations in the country and abroad. Moreover, you will still get to meet amazing professionals during your apprenticeship because you may still be required in-person meetings and training and report to work at our Makati office. The Sidekicks program are for individuals who are responsible and independent. Sidekicks will teach you professionalism and the best practices to prepare you for the future of work.

  4. Get the chance to be a full-time ClinkIT Superhero

    Successful sidekicks have the opportunity to be hired as a full-time ClinkIT Superhero. You have four months to enhance your skills, get immersed in the company, and prove that you are worthy to be part of our league of superheroes. The Sidekicks program will prepare you for the real work whether you pass and choose to join ClinkIT Solutions or move to your next career opportunity.

Do you think you have what it takes to be a sidekick and work your way to becoming a superhero? Do not miss this unique opportunity. Find out how you can become a sidekick here!

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