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LMS365 for an Integrated Digital Workplace

24 Feb 2021

LMS365 is Microsoft’s top choice for learning, training, and development for businesses in all industries. Integrating this eLearning system into the Microsoft 365 Office suite of tools drives greater efficiency, more productive collaboration, and stronger digital employee experience. With a massive increase in organizations operating online, Microsoft 365 integrated LMS365 is a powerful cloud-based platform for modern digital workspaces.

Superior Compatibility with Microsoft Applications

When it comes to connectivity, content creation, and collaboration, LMS365 prioritizes Microsoft Office 365 users:

  • Full integration with Microsoft 365 core apps and services such as Teams, SharePoint, Azure, Power BI, and Dynamics
  • Rich content management features, allowing users to create courses, deliver content, and manage training
  • Interactive user interface, personalized dashboards, engaging learning curriculums, and comprehensible Power BI data reporting
  • Streamlined compliance and automated recording to meet corporate and regulatory requirements
  • Round-the-clock access to learning modules, training sessions, and work content from any device in a highly familiar digital environment

LMS365 Increases Microsoft 365 Adoption

Being a Microsoft preferred solution, LMS365 excels in quality, ability, and performance, to provide valid solutions to customers specifically in the area of employee training and engagement. Some reasons for low Microsoft 365 user adoption include lack of training opportunities, insufficient resources, information overload, and hesitation to upskill/re-skill. LMS365 can be plugged in directly to TeamsSharePoint, and other Microsoft Office applications which makes this platform highly recommended for overcoming all barriers to user adoption.

Business leaders are now realizing that cutting-edge tools and technology alone don’t necessarily lead to collaboration, productivity, and innovation; employees must be open to learning about and making the most out of these tools and technology themselves.

With LMS365, all members of the organization can explore the full potential of the Microsoft 365 tools, work smarter, and increase learning process without ever leaving their familiar digital workspace.

LMS365 Elevates Microsoft Teams Experience

Microsoft Teams is the chosen platform for more than 100 million daily active users. Availability of content, learning, and training tools through LMS365 empowers virtual communication and collaboration for today’s increasingly remote workforce.

  • Easy-to-access, productivity-inducing digital resources on the same platform where work projects are located
  • Interactive content and tools that can be uploaded directly into Teams promote engagement, collaboration, and creativity
  • Organized, catalog of applications for onboarding, progress tracking, security training, and mobile training to foster employee growth and development

LMS365 Enriches Microsoft SharePoint Experience

LMS365 integrated with SharePoint Online makes for a highly accessible, customizable, bilingual learning management platform for training distributed workforce.

  • Intuitive, configurable course catalog with end-to-end automation
  • Robust, trackable dashboards for progress, performance, and competency management
  • Personalized user learning experience with a wide variety of course types, learning methods, and training materials
  • Multiple, customizable, multi-format reports, SOP templates and documents
  • Extensive collaboration resources for team-based learning, training, and development

LMS365 Nurtures Microsoft Power BI Experience

LMS365 for Power BI brings authoritative transformation to an organization’s learning, training, and development strategy. By incorporating trusted, enhanced data analytics into cloud-based learning platform, data can easily be analyzed, processed, and shared throughout teams, departments, and other organizations.

Why Choose LMS365

LMS365 has the Microsoft Preferred Solution tag because it eliminates time-consuming development, expensive integration, and unnecessary complexities that come with third-party web services. This provides businesses a comprehensive cloud-based hub where employees are connected and empowered and where a thriving collaborative learning culture abound.

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