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What is LMS365?

19 Feb 2021

LMS365 is the Microsoft-recommended, cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) based on and developed for Office 365. LMS365 provides all essential features on an LMS and the seamless collaborative capability with the Microsoft 365 platform.

  • Full integration with Microsoft 365 core apps and services such as TeamsSharePoint, Azure, Power BI, and Dynamics
  • Rich content management features, allowing users to create courses, deliver content and manage training
  • Interactive user interface, personalized dashboards, engaging learning curriculums, and comprehensible Power BI data reporting
  • Streamlined compliance and automated recording to meet corporate and regulatory requirements

LMS365 Core Features

  1. Course Creation Tools
    This provides users with a number of tools, builders, and wizards to create basic courses, advanced learning modules, and other learning assets.
  2. Multiple Course and Learning Content Types
    This is a versatile platform that can handle all types of courses, content, and trainings; thus, LMS365 is suitable for different learning needs.
  3. Personalized User Dashboard
    All the learning nuts and bolts are within LMS365 but what sets it apart is its gamification features, distinct learner’s completion status, and social learning elements to deliver great user experiences.
  4. Detailed and Flexible Analytics
    Track learning progress, identify trends and get real-time usage snapshots per user, team, or organization.
  5. Training Plans
    Course material can be organized into training plans with prerequisites while training plans can be integrated with specific MS Teams channels.
  6. Certificates and Compliance-Based Training
    Training requirements, a must for many organizations, is fully supported on this platform.
  7. Office 365 Adoption and Integration
    For example, displays of customized learning materials or training sessions can be embedded on SharePoint and used via the intranet, allowing seamless work integration. LMS365 also provides Office 365 training material from various content providers to help drive adoption.
  8. Mobile-Ready Option
    Learning material, training solutions, and course tools are readily available across mobile and tablet devices with provision for offline access and fast synchronization once back online.

LMS365 Business Benefits

  1. Single sign-on
    LMS365 only requires users’ AD (Active Directory) credentials to enable single sign-on and instant access to all learning content.
  2. Integration with enterprise search
    This ensures that learning content is integrated with your search and delivered through your intranet instead of missing out on highly relevant course information.
  3. Consistent look and feel
    Unlike other platforms that look outdated and clunky, LMS365 has a familiar and intuitive appearance, which makes users feel engaged and confident when navigating through various e-courses.
  4. Real-time unlimited access to eLearning materials
    Once eLearning course materials are within LMS365, permitted users have unlimited access to the information they need whatever device they’re using, anytime, anywhere.
  5. Comprehensive eLearning content in a centralized location
    This prevents having your eLearning content spread out across multiple devices, hard drives, and locations reducing the risk of data corruption, loss, or theft.
  6. Easy to modify, expand, and update eLearning courses
    Log into the LMS365 platform to add new information or make changes within the master eLearning course before quick deployment to all online users.
  7. Easy to track performance milestones
    Provides awareness on learner progress for each user – who needs supplemental resources, who excels and who is struggling to keep up, and what modifications are needed for specific online lessons.
  8. Resource-efficient learning and development
    No need for printouts. Online users can spend time on training courses or learning modules instead of wasting hours without effectively absorbing the knowledge they need to obtain.
  9. Integration with Microsoft Teams
    LMS365 is integrated right into the daily flow of work, making it possible to accomplish deliverables and enhance learning capability at the same time.

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