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Expectation | Sidekicks Program

02 Jul 2019

expectation sidekicks program

Brace yourself! 

Have you ever been asked what kind of superpower you’d want to have, but are only limited to one choice in spite of the endless options out there? 

There are super strength, invisibility, telekinesis, the ability to fly and all sorts of powers, yet you can only pick one. Seems like a tough choice, right? 

At ClinkIT Solutions, we give you the chance to explore different skills. Although they are not the fantastical superpowers you’re imagining, ClinkIT Solutions can empower you to gain new kinds of abilities through the Sidekicks program.

It may not be the easiest mission to take on, but it will surely be the most rewarding.

The Sidekicks program enables you to experience three areas of expertise namely Sales, Project Management and Software Development, which allow you to not only expand your horizons but also to help you determine what interests you the most and where your strengths lie.

Mastery of Sales

During your Sales sessions, you will have the chance to undergo mock client simulations with ClinkIT’s own veteran sales team. You will go through several tasks like attending mock client meetings, creating proposals, as well as giving sales pitches. You will also be able to shadow current sales team members, and join them onsite at client meetings.

Should you find that you excel in Sales, you can consider positions such as an Account Manager or Technical Sales Officer.

Mastery of Project Management

While undergoing the Project Management cycle, you can join in on periodic meetings among the current project managers, and witness firsthand what it takes to balance multiple projects and teams. Like in Sales, you will be tasked to create mock documentations utilizing both traditional and agile processes.

If you discover strength in Project Management, you can look into the role of a Project Manager experienced either in traditional or agile methodology.

Mastery of Software Development

The most grueling yet exciting part of the Sidekicks Program is the Software Development cycle, which gives you the opportunity to learn new languages and improve on your current skill set. Together with the guidance of ClinkIT’s senior developers, you can work with existing projects or be assigned to work on mock projects. Through hands-on experience, you can better learn best coding practices, and observe closely the quality code ClinkIT has to offer to its clients.

Through this iteration, you can determine what kind of developer you should and want to be – a full stack dev, front end dev or back end dev.

Excited to join the league?

Ready to be an all-around superhero with kickass skills and techniques in Sales, Project Management and Software Development? With the plans in line for future sidekicks along with the mentorship provided from ClinkIT’s league of superheroes, you could be one step closer to finding your niche, finding your true purpose, which will guide both your future and ClinkIT’s. Don’t miss out on this chance and pursue your dream with us through the Sidekicks Program!

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