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7 Business Benefits of Microsoft Power BI

01 Apr 2020

  1. Data Accessibility

    With Power BI, there is great accessibility to relevant data sets and data sources that are crucial for creating clear and easy to understand reports. All work-related information, documents, and files are stored in a centralized location. It enables you to view, extract, or transfer data anytime, anywhere from any device or platform.

  2. Excellent Storage Capacity

    Got millions of information from various data sources and in the form of multiple files or excel sheets to deal with? Power BI has the bandwidth capability to compress, load, and transform all of without compromising quality, speed, and performance.

  3. Natural Language Query Functionality

    One of Power BI’s most powerful yet underutilized tool is where users can ask questions from the dashboard using conversational phrases and questions so they can analyze and interact with data sets using natural language.

    Natural Language Query functionality integrates charts, graphs, and visuals to make it easier for report consumers to understand any information, requirement, or insight they need to understand without having to undertake complex technical stuff.

  4. Personalized Dashboards

    Power BI addresses the issue of providing for an organization’s unique set of needs by enabling users to create rich personalized dashboards. It can be embed with BI reports, on-premises data, and cloud-native applications for a unified, elevated, and more intuitive user experience.

  5. Prompt Updates

    There is a Microsoft community that allows users to post their questions, feedbacks, or suggestions for improvements about Power BI which Microsoft takes into consideration when making updates which is done every month. Users are notified for every upcoming update and it’s easy to download once it’s available.

  6. Data Connectivity

    Power BI eliminates any obstacle for importing data from data files and sources such as Excel, Azure cloud, Google Analytics, SQL Server databases, and many other web platforms and Big Data sources. This seamless data connectivity allows users to create and share dynamic and interactive data analysis and visualizations.

  7. Affordability

    As a business data analytic tool, Power BI is an affordable option for businesses looking to cut down on expenses, regardless of its size and nature. There is no need for licenses purchase or expensive engineering resources to use it.

BI Desktop version is free – just download it and start customizing dashboards and reports on your computer! And for just $9.99 per user per month, you can subscribe to its Power BI Pro version which gives outstanding collaboration capabilities for multiple users – a more cost-effective investment as compared with other BI tools.

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