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What is LMS365: Everything You Need to Know

18 Jan 2023

In the modern digital workplace, LMS365 empowers organizations through learning. Integrated into Microsoft 365, it is a cloud-based learning management system with over 4 million users worldwide. LMS365 integrates with a variety of Microsoft’s modern workplace tools, so it becomes more than just a platform for employee learning and training management, but an integrated application for the digital age. 

All of this adds up to a compelling learning proposition for any organization, particularly for those on the Office 365 journey.  

LMSs provide several benefits to businesses, including: 

  • Better equipped workforce with more knowledge 
  • Makes it easier for new employees to get up to speed 
  • Compliance-based training is easy to manage 
  • Workforce that is more engaged. 

LMS365 offers the following benefits: 

  • Effortless integration and easy access to learning material: An LMS accessible via AAD, easily integrated into a SharePoint Online intranet, or easily reached from MS Teams. 
  • A highly flexible learning management system that handles online learning, classroom-based training, and a variety of content types. 
  • The right platform: A mature, stable product with deep capabilities, such as good analytics and reporting, certification, etc. 
  • A mobile app and anytime cloud access are the keys to true learning for frontline workers. 
  • Stellar user experience: A good LMS must have an attractive, intuitive layout 
  • An easy-to-use admin experience, with some powerful tools to easily create courses and modules 
  • Easily deployable: Launches quickly and easily. 

What is LMS365? 

The LMS365 SharePoint LMS is a mature, well-designed LMS that provides all the essential features of an LMS while working seamlessly with Office 365.  

If your organization is developing a Digital Workplace using Office 365 and wants to advance learning with an LMS, or you’re just looking to replace a clunky LMS that’s getting in the way of your daily work, LMS365 is a compelling choice. When combined with Office 365, a great product like LMS365 is highly attractive. 

LMS365 was developed by ELEARNINGFORCE, a Danish company and Microsoft Gold Partner. ELEARNINGFORCE introduces learning management to SharePoint and Office 365. LMS365 integrates seamlessly with the Microsoft infrastructure and eliminates time-consuming development, expensive integration, and unnecessary complexity.  

Using LMS365, you can create, deliver, and track training seamlessly within Microsoft 365. 

When paired with Microsoft Teams or SharePoint, you can create an Online Learning Platform for your organization using LMS365. 

  • Microsoft 365 learning integration 
  • Mobile and desktop access to training, learning, and working content 
  • Single Microsoft log-in and security for LMS training platform 
  • Easily implemented and adopted by your organization 
  • Options for advanced reporting and integration 

How does LMS365 work? 

In addition to SCORM-compliant materials, LMS365 also offers great, intuitive interfaces for users and administrators, as well as seamless integration with Office 365.  You can search through a course catalogue, enroll in courses (including classroom training), take online classes, and access other resources. In the meantime, administrators can auto-enroll people (very useful for compliance training) and closely monitor training. All users access LMS seamlessly via their Windows / Office 365 password (through Active Directory), so there is no need to remember multiple passwords. 

Here are a few of the core features of LMS365. 

A course creation tool 

Our favorite feature of LMS365 is its ease of creating advanced learning modules. Course builders, wizards, and tools help admins create courses, learning modules, quizzes, and more. The addition of learning assets is also super easy, allowing non-Learning and Development professionals to create courses as well. Due to its integration with Office 365, you can easily use Office 365 content such as Word, PowerPoint, Stream, and SharePoint. 

Different course and learning content types 

It is very versatile to use LMS365. With its flexibility, it can accommodate all types of training and learning. You can manage classroom training from enrollment to results, as well as any online training with multiple content types such as videos and quizzes. LMS365 can even be used to run learning events such as webinars. 

Gamification-enhanced user dashboard 

While most LMSs have all the learning components you need, they fall short when it comes to the user experience. A key feature of LMS365 is its attractive, customized dashboard for users, which includes gamification features (leader boards etc.), social learning elements, and clear reporting of learning progress. Managers have access to a dashboard as well. 

Reliable reporting 

Using LMS365, you can track learning progress by user, team, or company, identify trends, and get a real-time snapshot of usage. In addition to this, you can also create PowerBI dashboards and export some data to Excel. 

Programs for training 

It is possible to arrange course material into training plans with prerequisites. Due to the tight integration between LMS365 and Office 365, these training plans can be assigned to specific Microsoft Teams or Office 365 groups. 

Mobile applications 

Users can also view learning materials on the go with the LMS365 mobile app. The app also provides offline access, so users can use the learning management system on the commute home or in remote areas with poor connectivity, with results synchronizing once they’re back online. 

Training based on compliance and certificates 

There will be mandatory and compliance-based training requirements in many organizations. Learning certificates, annual retrainings, trackable confirmations, reminders, reporting, and more are all supported by LMS365. 

The integration of Office 365, MS Teams, and more 

With LMS365’s integration with Office 365, you can easily embed personalized training into any SharePoint page and contribute to adoption by bringing learning right into your intranet (be it a SharePoint or Wizdom intranet). 

Learning can also be delivered directly into the flow of work through an integration with Teams. Using LMS365 bots, you can find individual training plans and courses, embed dashboards, and share course material. 

A modern API makes it easy to integrate with other systems other than Office 365, such as your HR or ERP system. 

Setup is simple 

LMS365’s ease of setup and speed are real strengths. It can be up and running within a day or two since it is cloud-based and works in conjunction with Office 365. 

Adoption materials for Office 365 

LMS365 has also partnered with content providers to provide Office 365 training materials to help drive adoption. A LMS based on Office 365 would be a great way to learn about Office 365! 

Can LMS365 benefit you? 

Whether you are a small business with 30+ users or a large enterprise managing thousands of learners and certifications, LMS365 can benefit your training program. 

A one-time payment for the implementation is required with LMS365, which charges a fixed fee per learner per year. 

If you’re ready to try LMS365 and see how it can work for your organization, don’t get left behind. ClinkIT Solutions will help set it up, provide training, and drive more revenue for your business. Learn more about LMS365 and request a FREE CONSULTATION today.    

Partner up with a Multi-Gold Certified Microsoft Partner and Software Services company so you can experience a successful, scalable, and secure workplace – now and for the future. 

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