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Microsoft Office 365 Core Apps for Enterprises – SharePoint, Power BI, Power Platform

27 Oct 2021

The year 2022 is peeking over the horizon. For the past few years, almost 90% of companies viewed digital as nice to have. In Q1 2020, every company learned that having a digital transformation strategy in place is critical for customer satisfaction and business success. In terms of keeping the firm operating, staying connected to clients, and achieving business goals, cloud transformation is the necessary foundation for digital transformation.

That’s where Microsoft Office 365 comes in. Digital-first companies are deeply invested in bringing core business activities onto the cloud. Microsoft Office 365 offers best-in-class productivity apps with intelligent cloud services that empowers productivity, innovation, and security. This includes SharePoint, Power BI, and Power Platform. 

What is Office 365 SharePoint? 

SharePoint is an Office 365 platform that enables organizations to store, manage, access, and share information from almost any device. This cloud-based service allows teams to keep in touch, work simultaneously in a secure space, and make informed decisions anytime, anywhere. This extensive range of collaborative and creative capabilities is fully integrated with all Office 365 tools.

Benefits of Office 365 SharePoint 

  1. Work on files from any device, in any time zone, and any location: with convenient online access and offline syncing  
  2. Collaborate in real time: share documents with anyone and co-author on the same file without versioning complications 
  3. Built-in security: limit access permissions with data protection through Advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capabilities 
  4. Hub for content collaboration: status updates on new documents, revisions, and file modifications are posted on the team site home page on both web and SharePoint mobile
  5. Integrate with your business processes: build no-code apps quickly, connect to data in common SaaS platforms, and set up automated workflows between apps and services

What is Office 365 Power BI? 

Power BI (Business Intelligence) is a collection of Office 365 cloud-based business intelligence tools that enables organizations to collate, analyze, and manage data from a range of data sources and transform information into coherent, visually immersive, and interactive insights. As a comprehensive analytics service, Power BI enables users to create dashboards, apps, and workspaces from the published content and to make data-driven decisions based on factual visual representation on the platform.

Benefits of Office 365 Power BI 

  1. Built-in machine learning featureshelps users analyze data, spot trends, and make educated predictions and forecasts 
  2. Users can embed BI and analytics with ease to produce reliable reports and analysis via datasets, apps, workspaces, and dashboards
  3. Drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to select and open information that stands out to gain better a better understanding of what’s going on
  4. Allows on-premises access as well as to Azure Cloud and third-party data sources in a single easy to use application
  5. Quick data formatting and analysis to create actionable insights that drive revenue

What is Office 365 Power Platform? 

Power Platform is an Office 365 platform that enables users to automate processes, analyze data, build solutions, and create virtual agents. The Power Platform has four major components:

  • Power Apps is application development for low to no code apps 
  • Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow) enables process automation between apps and services
  • Power BI is a business analytics service for data consolidation and data-driven insights generation 
  • Power Virtual Agents are AI-powered chatbots for better communication and productivity

Benefits of Office 365 Power Platform 

  1. Accuracy: utilizes business logic to ensure correctly filled out documents and to prevent information from being sent to wrong recipients or getting lost 
  2. Compliance: process automation makes it possible to control access, modify courses of action, and prove compliance with standards
  3. Permissions: requires end-user authentication to limit user access for completion and approval of documents
  4. Reporting: all data is readily available and easily accessible in SharePoint for report generation and status updates
  5. Root Cause Analysis: all actions are recorded so if errors arise, it is easy to pinpoint the root cause and correct the action right away

The possibilities are endless when you integrate components of Power Platform, Power BI, and SharePoint with your existing Microsoft Office 365 solutions. 

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