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LMS365 for Education: Is it Worth it?

16 Nov 2022

LMS365 integrates seamlessly with Office 365, making it an advantage over other Learning Management Systems. Learning and Development can be brought right into the heart of the digital workplace with LMS365, since more organizations are implementing the 365 suite of tools including Microsoft Teams.

The integration of LMS365 with Office 365 makes it easier for learners to adopt the learning, create courses, and manage them. Ultimately, this leads to stronger digital employee experiences, superior learning outcomes, and greater efficiency.

LMS365 has powerful applications when it comes to education. It facilitates quality remote learning based on science.

Paired with its powerful Microsoft suite integration, LMS365 is one of, if not the best, Learning Management Software available for education.

LMS365 offers huge benefits for teachers, students and faculty and staff alike. Let’s dive into LMS365 for Education and find out – is it worth it?

Benefits of LMS365 for Education

1. Engage online learners with remote learning

Regardless of whether your classroom is remote, in-person, or a hybrid mix of both, quality education and training should not be compromised. Educators, trainers, and staff can ensure the standard of their teaching stays high with LMS365 as the learning management system (LMS) of choice.

2. Integrate the science of learning with the foundations of education management

In a virtual learning environment, LMS365 remains the most effective, automated, and extensive way to engage students and enhance collaboration. Educators have more time to create engaging learning opportunities, support student progress, and manage school processes. This integration enhances Microsoft’s overall adoption of LMS365 with the Microsoft 365 suite of tools.

3. Manage, engage, and deliver online learning

For educators, LMS365 opens up countless new possibilities.

LMS365 is accessible from anywhere, on any device, at any time. With its interactive mobile app, remote students can learn while on the move. Through LMS365, students have access to live lectures and can share learning both inside and outside of the classroom.

Education hubs are connected to virtual classrooms. You can access Microsoft Teams conversations, calls, documents, and apps across the platform. Keep students informed and connected by uploading campus learning objectives to the online classroom dashboard.

Grading levels can be customized based on competencies. Analyze Microsoft Power BI data to observe learner skill development and understand individual strengths and needs. Use the LMS365 Course Creator and Learning Module Builder to create grading and education models that are tailored to your needs.

4. Join a thriving online classroom environment

For students, LMS365 completely revolutionizes the learning environment.

Collaboration is easy and interactive. Attend lectures, use the whiteboard, or join a break-out room for small group learning activities with Microsoft Teams. Make chat conversations more fun and dynamic by adding videos, gifs, or memes.

Promotes online participation. Provides gamification to make lessons interactive, appealing, inclusive, and accessible. A personalized dashboard, leaderboards, and certificates enhance remote learning interaction and excitement.

Integrated learning in a familiar environment. The same Microsoft log-in details can be used to log in to the LMS365 platform. You can take online quizzes, complete remote assignments, and attend live classes all from the same platform.

5. Engage employees in development and training

For faculty and staff, LMS365 breathes new life into the institution and its functions.

Customized training plans based on the job function. You can easily categorize the information employees have access to based on their role and previous training. Different learning styles can be accommodated through customized training.

Easy access to development resources. Provide job-specific learning and development resources to promote skill development. Make microlearning modules available for faculty and staff to complete at their convenience.

Keep track of progress and report it. To ensure compliance with the most recent rules and regulations, track faculty and staff progress. Engage your audience with personalized dashboards, leaderboards, and certificates.

All these reasons lead us to conclude that LMS365 is worth it for educators and schools. With remote learning being embraced by several institutions, it’s even more important to arm your faculty with the best tools to deliver an immersive learning experience.

Why Educators Should Invest in LMS365

Interactions in remote learning are richer and more genuine

A custom course builder like LMS365 allows you to create remote learning courses that interact with the learners’ culture and expectations at home.

Defining collaborative learning requires a socially supportive learning environment

 Online learning allows students to experience less social pressure than in-person classes, and to bring their own cultural interpretations, experiences, and interpretations to the classroom.

The LMS365 supports executive function skills and cooperative learning

Learning with the LMS365 learning platform boosts the metacognitive strength and flexibility of online learners by encouraging them to plan, organize, monitor, reason, and problem solve.

Invest in LMS365 as your dedicated learning platform and create the online learning environment our educators, staff, and students deserve.

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