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What Awaits You In The Sidekicks Program

16 Nov 2021

An organization’s ability to attract, engage, and retain top tech talent is key to its continued growth, innovation, and industry relevance.  

ClinkIT Solutions was founded upon the philosophy that the best wants to work with the best. Because of this, ClinkIT Solutions is committed to finding and hiring the best tech talent in the world and providing them with the tools and hands-on experience to thrive, create, and grow. We put this concept into action with the mission and vision of our Sidekicks program. Now on its fifth iteration, Sidekicks 5.0: #BornDigital aims to develop exceptional young tech talents to become “superheroes” or high-potential developers, project managers, digital marketers, and account managers.  

“Digital economy advancements have led to a surge in demand for highly-skilled tech talent. Organizations need to adapt, respond, and accelerate their businesses in the digital-first economy. At ClinkIT Solutions, we are proud that the Sidekicks 5.0: #Born Digital will enable participants to step up and satisfy the industry’s evolving digital transformation needs,” said Paul Harris, Chief Executive and Technology Officer, ClinkIT Solutions.  

“The growth, progress, and future of the dynamic digital-first economy builds upon the foundation of a strong and skillful tech talent pool. We recognize the role that our organization plays in helping train top tech talent to strengthen this foundation, bridge critical skill gaps, and propel a digital-first economy forward and faster into the future,” Harris further explained.  

Participants of the Sidekicks 5.0: #BornDigital will work closely with leading veteran software engineers, account managers, project managers in providing intensive mentorship and training on cloud-native practices, new technologies, software engineering best practices, and many other in-demand IT competencies. For the entire 12-week duration, they will learn the ins-and-outs of each professional skill, be highly equipped for specialized roles that contribute to technology development while delivering value to customers.  

What Awaits You At Sidekicks 5.0: #BornDigital 

Sidekicks is a 12-week tech bootcamp program designed to empower high-potential individuals. The program is founded on a partnership between academic mentorship and professional experience. During the 12-week program, the Sidekicks take part in a highly selective program with 6x Gold Microsoft Partner ClinkIT Solutions. The program includes opportunities and hands-on training in Sales, Project Management, Digital Marketing, and Software Development. All of these will help the Sidekicks enhance their career paths with ClinkIT Solutions and beyond.  

We have asked Sidekick alumni and current Junior Software Developers at ClinkIT Solutions why they joined the Sidekicks program and how the actual experience measured up with their expectations.  

For former Sidekick, Cedric Viaje, he said he knows only a few other organizations that offer IT bootcamps or cadetship programs, but that the Sidekicks program was a step beyond and at a completely other level than the others.  

“The strength of the Sidekicks program is its focus on training tech-related expertise; but at the same time, participants have a great exposure to the project management and sales side of the business,” he explained. “We’re privileged to receive plenty of mentorship from industry leading senior developers, account managers, and project leads; plus, we were also involved in some ongoing client projects.” 

“Sidekicks is a good way to start your career by learning the whole process of the tech business,” says Wilhelm Benedictos. “While other company-sponsored programs only focus on one field, e.g. IT only, the Sidekicks program provides mentorship and hands-on work experience in Software Development, Sales, and Project Management.” 

Benedictos further explained that the 4 months of SK 4.0 flew by and wasn’t enough to soak in all the information that was shared, let alone the application of all the knowledge and expertise on specific active projects. But the program played a major role in helping improve his skills as a developer and leveled up his experience, making him a much more competitive and well-rounded developer as compared to his peers who have not had the privilege in participating in a holistic and in-depth experience.  

As former Project Lead, Katherine Bairan explained, “Sidekicks pushes you to step out of your comfort zone, develop your passions, and find your specialties.” She said that the Sidekicks program gives participants a taste of what’s it like to work in the real world and be mentored by hands-on and highly experienced industry leading professionals across various disciplines.  

On what sets the Sidekicks Program apart from other programs out there, Bairan said, “It is an accelerated and holistic end-to-end training, rotating through different teams and functions in the company: Software Development, Sales, Project Management, and Digital Marketing.  After the training, successful candidates will be well equipped to strive and thrive in the IT industry.” 

On Sidekick success stories that symbolize the vision of the program, Bairan said, “After the Sidekicks Program, Sidekicks are trained to become the next batch of dev leaders of the organization – what we call Superheroes. Sidekicks throughout the years and past iterations have eventually became the SMEs and leads of different technologies across the company. In fact, former SKs have also become mentors of the new batches of aspiring Superheroes.” 

There is a growing demand for top IT talent – for Superheroes who can survive and thrive in the digital-first world. Now, ClinkIT Solutions will welcome new applicants for its Sidekicks 5.0: #BornDigital on November 2nd. Apply today! Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to be part of Sidekicks 5.0: #BornDigital! 

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