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Top 5 Reasons You Need Power BI

03 Sep 2021

Knowledge is power. This is especially true when it comes to business. Big and small companies alike know the power of using data analysis to track, measure and grow their business. However, not everyone has the skillset or resources to do advanced data analysis. Not everyone in the workplace is equipped with the knowledge of creating graphs, charts, and other datasets.  

If you haven’t started leveraging the power of data analysis for your business, it’s time to invest in Microsoft Power BI, one of the best offerings from Microsoft Partner ClinkIT Solutions. Here are five reasons you need to invest in this Power Platform now.  


Software services such as Microsoft Power BI make it easy to analyze and create visualizations using your data. It turns your data into a story – pointing out areas of growth along with those that need improvement. It makes relevant data sets and data sources easily accessible for the entire team. 

Your Home canvas neatly contains all the content you need, along with recommended content and learning resources to boost your business. It provides a centralized location where you can view, extract or transfer data from any device anytime.  


With Power BI from Gold Microsoft Partner ClinkIT, you can make clear and easy-to-understand reports. It allows you to see the complete picture – from a general overview to an in-depth point. On any data visualization, you can slice and dice the information then save, export, and share as needed. This saves you from creating multiple reports.  

This power platform allows you to dive deep. You can click a data point to reveal specific details about a point in time. You can play with this and watch as the rest of the data interacts. Power BI helps you understand your data more than regular reporting can. 


You don’t need to be a data scientist to do data analysis that is meaningful to your organization. Power BI does the heavy lifting for you. It makes it easy to organize and present data so you can focus on everything else you need to do.  

The datasets presented are not only beautiful but also interactive. As you highlight or drag visuals, the entire set will move – as the information responds to and interacts with each other.  

Microsoft Power BI also allows you to subscribe to files and get notified by email when changes are made. You can also set alerts so that you know when a target is met and when it’s time to check your account. 


With Power BI, you can easily explore data and get value for your organization. This empowers you when it’s time to decide how to move forward. It makes data analysis interactive and intuitive so that it becomes a natural part of the company culture. 

It allows you to create personalized dashboards with BI reports, on-premises data, and resources to make smart, data-backed decisions. This makes the investment in software services from a Gold Partner such as ClinkIT Solutions pay for itself in the long run. 


It’s easy for everyone on the team to collaborate with Power BI. The reports and dashboards you create can be shared with others. Your team can respond and add to anything that you make. 

It also decreases the learning curve that hinders some team members from technical aspects of data analysis. The dashboard is created to be intuitive to use for anyone, even without a data science background. Plus, the original data is never affected no matter what you change. You can always return to it any time. 

Software alone isn’t enough to boost your business. Understanding how to use it is equally important. ClinkIT Solutions is a software services provider and Gold Microsoft Partner that helps you master your tech.  

Learn to create meaningful reports with Power BI by joining our Next Level Power BI training this September 22 – 23 and 29 – 30. This will give you an overview of the Power BI platform and teach you how to maximize this power platform for your business. 

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