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The Ultimate Checklist for Outsourcing IT Services

13 Jul 2022

In a fast-paced technological world, there is a need to have information technology (IT) services to help provide and maintain your business’ technological needs. IT services allow businesses access to the technical tools and information they need for their day-to-day operations. These services can be in-house but oftentimes are outsourced. 

Reasons for Outsourcing IT Services 

Outsourcing IT services can prove to be a beneficial solution for your business. As your business grows, it is better to offload certain tasks and projects to an outside team to help you run your business more efficiently. Read more below on why you should outsource your IT services

  • To focus on core business functions. Businesses have limited resources and team members have specific positions on which they should focus. Trying to build an in-house IT service might be detrimental to your core business function and may distract your team from doing their primary work. Instead, outsourcing IT services can help you stay on top of your business without letting complex IT problems get in the way.  
  • To reduce costs. Outsourcing IT services can help your business avoid paying excessive amounts of money for IT costs and labor costs. Hiring and training a team dedicated to your IT needs can be expensive and might not live up to expectations. This could also make your IT bills skyrocket. However, having an outsourced team of IT experts can make work more efficient and less expensive since you will only pay for what you use when you need it. 
  • To have an experienced team. Outsourced IT teams are often made up of industry experts that are qualified and experienced to do the job. They have certifications that will ensure that their knowledge is top-notch. They also have the resources to start new projects right away without the need for rigorous training and acclimation. They will bring years of experience to the table and will help you stay on top of IT trends. 

Checklist for Outsourcing IT Services  

When outsourcing IT services, you can’t just jump on board with the first team you’re in contact with. You need to check if a certain project needs to be outsourced, if the outsourced team is the best for your needs, and if they can work well with you.  

You also need to check if: 

  1. You can trust the outsourcing provider. Your outsourced team isn’t technically a part of your company, but they should be treated like an extension of your team. Although they aren’t working on core business functions, what they do affects the efficiency of your business, so you must trust them to get the work done. At most, you need to find an IT service provider that has the same company culture as yours and has an understanding of your industry, This will ensure a smooth working relationship that can be the start of a good partnership. 
  2. You have a plan. Before you start, it’s important to have a well-defined plan of action. This will help you have control over your project. More importantly, it allows your outsourced partner to give you realistic proposals with clear timelines and goals. Starting with a good plan as a foundation can make work more efficient for your and your outsourced IT service.
  3. Your IT service provider has a good track record. Although IT services might not keep the same portfolio as digital marketers or project managers, you can still ask them about past works or their expertise. While they might not be able to provide you with a detailed account of their experiences, this will still allow you to know if they are the team you need for your project. This will also help you know about their expertise and how you can maximize their skills for your project. 

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