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Customer centric

Customer-centric Service

  • Flexible billing: The “buy now, pay later” model allows you to experience a multitude of cloud products first, so you can cloudify your business in the most cost-effective way. ​
  • Customer first: Our professional after-sales team provides you with 24/7 technical services to help your business move to the cloud without any hassle.​
Quality Driven

Extensive Industry Experience

  • Industry Experience: Tencent Cloud has extensive industry experience, providing one-stop solutions across various industries including gaming, finance, education, e-commerce, media, transportation and logistics, manufacturing, and more. ​
  • Business Scenarios: From basic infrastructure to industry applications, Tencent Cloud offers a comprehensive suite of products and services and provides full-stack solutions for a wide range of business scenarios to support the growth of enterprises.​
Cost Effective

Cost-effective Digital Transformation

  • Featured solutions: With a full range of products and solutions for various industries, enterprises can quickly build systems, and scale up or scale down to save costs and meet their business needs. ​
  • Multiple benefits: Businesses can enjoy free trials for a variety of products, get access to professional technical guides and tutorials, and communicate with the international community.​

Featured Products

Cloud Lighthouse


Lighthouse is an out-of-the-box cloud server service that helps you build your websites and other light-weight services quickly and at minimal costs. Get our limited time offer and enjoy 60% off your first Lighthouse purchase.

Virtual Machine

Cloud Virtual Machine

Cloud Virtual Machine provides secure, flexible computing services that enables you to easily scale up or down based on your business needs. With a pay-as-you-go pricing scheme, you pay only for what you use. Get started and gain all the benefits of this computing solution at a highly competitive price.

Finance, Banking and Smart Retails


Cloud Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

A precise, fast and versatile image and text recognition service


Know Your Customer

Accurate and real-time facial detection, analysis, recognition, and search services

Gaming Solutions


Game Multimedia Engine (GME)

A one-stop gaming voice solution that is easy to integrate


Instant Messaging (IM)

A communication service supporting one-to-one chat, group chat, chat room, system notification, and other messaging capabilities



Accurate and real-time facial detection, analysis, recognition, and search services

Audio-Video Solutions


Tencent Real-Time Communication (TRTC)

Run demos within a minute and build audio/video calls or interactive live streaming solutions in 30 minutes


Video On Demand (VOD)

A one-stop end-to-end audio/video on demand solution


Cloud Streaming Services

A low-latency, accessible and high-speed live video broadcasting service

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