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Microsoft Integration, Cloud Migration, Web Design & Development, and all Digital Marketing Technology Solutions and Services.

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NetFoundry, in partnership with ClinkIT Solutions, enables developers to bring about high-performance, ultra-secure, and Zero Trust connections – on any device, any cloud, and any network – with unprecedented speed, simplicity, and automation.

Its software-defined networking overlay technology revolutionizes application delivery of cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) services – empowering enterprises to acquire cutting edge yet cost effective technologies to achieve exponential business results.

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SharePoint Development

SharePoint Development is an enterprise-level, collaboration-driven platform that can help businesses of every scale and size with their content management needs as well as any web development and implementation services.

With SharePoint Development’s fully-functional, result-oriented, end-to-end custom solutions, you can easily streamline business processes and workflows, extend your brand's capabilities, and leverage it for maximum organizational output and productivity.

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App and Software Development

Steering clear of commercial off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all solutions means you’re on the right track for improving the health, growth and unique identity of your business.

With customizable cloud-based calibration and management software, we can produce any application feature you desire for your organization while providing maximum system performance and efficiency.

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Managed Services

Limited capital, bandwidth, or resources shouldn’t be a roadblock to building your dream team.

With a world-class Managed Services Provider (MSP), you can launch with confidence and assured flexibility to grow – through cost-effective, scale-driven tech solutions at every level of support.

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360 Digital Marketing

Want to help your business thrive or to stay relevant in the industry? You need a comprehensive data-driven digital marketing solution that yields profitable and sustainable results. From Site Development and SEO maximization up to Content Marketing, Lead Generation and Tracking, or other targeted branding services – you can count on our team of amazing web developers, graphic designers, SEO experts, project managers, as well as front end & back end developers to deliver the right strategies and execution that will drive business growth and success.


Office 365 Training and Consultancy

Let your in-house specialists gain access to comprehensive and customized knowledge transfer sessions so they never have to struggle with O365 governance, customization, or adoption.

Show the world that you're ready and able to harness the power of this Microsoft-hosted platform for streamlining organizational operations, eliminating hidden costs, and achieving better business wins.


Oracle’s best-in-class core solutions can help you achieve business objectives and leverage your cloud investment in the most effective way possible.

With unrivaled capabilities from the world’s only autonomous database, you can seamlessly synchronize business intelligence, innovation, and technology to accelerate your enterprise transformation and stand out in the digital economy.

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ITSM and Cybersecurity

You need enterprise-wide, security-compliant, real-time analytics to monitor and protect all endpoints, applications, and network connections for your organization.

ITSM implementation for all of your IT infrastructure and resources secures the current and future states of your data center through ServiceNow and Nexthink capabilities.


Whether it is for increasing business productivity, improving customer service, or reducing costs, Microsoft platforms and cloud solutions can make it happen.

Capitalize on the supremacy of its impressive services portfolio encompassing Office 365, CRM, and all applications on cloud or on-premise as well as infrastructure and platform services powered by Microsoft Azure to optimize business results and sustain future viability and competitiveness.

google cloud

Google Cloud

Planning to get started with your business on the cloud? Upgrading your current cloud deployment strategy? Or just interested in gaining more from the efficiency and flexibility of the cloud?

With key features such as tiered networks, live migration technology, and redundant backups, among many others, Google Cloud provides strategic and scalable business solutions to support companies from all verticals and of all sizes.

opensource dev

OpenSource Development

Build easy and useful applications, improve your software functionality and design, and automate various business processes with open source enterprise solutions.

Collaboration with OpenSource Development helps you lock-in your target audience’s attention while unlocking unlimited business growth opportunities.

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Corporate Services

ClinkIT Solutions can help your organization transform into a fully integrated business ecosystem.

Our corporate services portfolio provides specialist expertise on administrative and financial services as well as a wide range of business advisory solutions. A range of ancillary support services is also available on request.

E-Learning Services

Create responsive, educational curriculum and courses using reputable technologies like SAPWPB and Adobe Captivate. Explore the advantages of an immersive and electronic learning environment.

staff augmentation

Staff Augmentation

Looking for an IT wizard with a particular specialization? Work with our highly trusted and seasoned software engineers who can help meet your business needs.

expert service hours

Expert Service Hours

Engage with our dedicated staff members who are committed to accomplishing your business goals. Our team offers a wide range of talents from software development to hardcore data analysis to project management.