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Our IT Services

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Whether you’re a startup in need of enterprise-level software to develop and market or an established firm expanding your global reach by adopting cloud technology, you can capitalize on the supremacy of Microsoft platforms and cloud solutions to increase business productivity, minimize infrastructure costs and resource expenditures, and sustain future viability and competitiveness.
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Want seamless and successful cloud journey? You need a cloud strategy that can help to host all your business workload, enhance your existing IT environment, and fully support you no matter where you are in your cloud lifecycle. Oracle offers the full portfolio of services and products to accelerate your enterprise cloud transformation and stand out in the digital economy.
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NetFoundry enables developers to bring about high-performance, ultra-secure, and Zero Trust connections – on any device, any cloud, and any network – with unprecedented speed, simplicity, and automation. Its software-defined networking overlay technology revolutionizes application delivery of cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) services – empowering enterprises to acquire cutting edge yet cost effective technologies to achieve exponential business results.
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Open Source Development

Build easy and useful applications, improve your software functionality and design, and automate various business processes with open source enterprise solutions thoughtfully customized to your specific business needs. Collaboration with Open Source Development brings a myriad of digital platform opportunities to help you lock-in your target audience’s attention while unlocking unlimited business growth opportunities.
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With our access to world-class technology combined with a strong business partnership with leading industry brands including Microsoft, we can provide customized infrastructure solutions with reliability, security, and scalability to support the uninterrupted flow of your day-to-day operations – whether it is for a full cycle infrastructure installation and administration up to remote connectivity management or project-based IT consultancy.
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Google Cloud

Planning to get your business into the cloud? Upgrading your current cloud deployment strategy? Trying to leverage the power of hyperscale data centers? Google Cloud cuts through all complexities to provide companies from all verticals and of all sizes the right cloud adoption strategy that aligns with its current needs and future plans for increased business productivity, collaboration, and profitability.
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SharePoint Development

SharePoint Development is an enterprise-level, collaboration-driven platform for addressing all content management issues and needs with its centralized content library, version management, and real-time authoring capabilities. Its fully-functional, result-oriented, end-to-end custom solutions can help you streamline business processes and workflows, extend your brand’s capabilities, and leverage it for maximum organizational output and productivity.
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App and Software Development​

Whether you’re a startup, an emerging organization, or a blue chip company, we can provide everything you need – from customized web, mobile, and cross-platform software development to bespoke databases and systems or hardware & software integration – so you can steer clear of commercial off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all solutions and be on the right track for revolutionizing your business functionality and efficiency.
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Managed Services​

Limited capital, bandwidth, or resources shouldn’t be a roadblock to building your dream team. With a world-class Managed Services Provider (MSP), you can launch with confidence and assured flexibility to grow, scale up or down at a moment’s notice, or compete at a higher level within your industry through cost-effective, scale-driven tech solutions at every level of support.
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ITSM and Cybersecurity​

You need enterprise-wide, security-compliant, real-time analytics to monitor and protect all endpoints, applications, and network connections for your organization. ITSM implementation plus sound cybersecurity solutions for all of your IT infrastructure and resources will enable you not only to take advantage of latest technologies and IT services but also to create a safe and effective way to run a technology-driven business.
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O365 Training and Consultancy

What happens when you expose your in-house specialists to comprehensive and customized knowledge transfer sessions or end their struggle with O365 governance, customization, or adoption? You can show the world that you’re ready and able to harness the power of world-leading enterprise cloud service for streamlining your organizational operations, eliminating hidden costs, and achieving better business wins.
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Corporate Services​

From providing you with specialist expertise on administrative and financial services and keeping you in compliance through calculated business advisory solutions to managing your recruitment and payroll administration or promoting your brand online, our corporate services portfolio can help your organization transform into a fully integrated business ecosystem and free you to focus on your business growth.
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E-Learning Services

We provide smartly tailored and innovative e-learning business services – whether on-site or in the cloud – for workplace learning and development as well as specialist training and support. The extensive breadth and depth of our content courses and programs takes into consideration the diverse needs of your team members so you can experience effective learning that makes a genuine and lasting difference to your business.
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Staff Augmentation

The demand for senior technical talent and multidisciplinary skills is higher than ever but finding the right individuals to fill in the job vacancy is both time and resource-draining. ClinkIt Solutions’ staff augmentation service can bring in our in-house technical talent pool to help you overcome any skills shortages, manage the peaks of an important business project, or rapidly scale your way towards production.
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Expert Service Hours

Get expert consultation and advisory services every step of the way! Deploy quickly and effectively or accelerate tech capabilities and upgrades while optimizing your platform for performance and manageability. When there’s a team of highly skilled IT and software pros to help you deal with any business challenge or meet all your corporate demands, you can experience transformational digital breakthrough while you work on your business as usual.

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