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The Next Big Thing in SharePoint

05 Oct 2022

Microsoft has been working hard to create a new generation of SharePoint, and it’s finally ready to show the world what it can do. The company is unveiling its next-generation Office 365 Business Collaboration suite, with a focus on collaboration tools for business users. There are many new additions to the platform which have made the best-in-class software even better. 

Microsoft is laying out its SharePoint roadmap. 

Microsoft has been working on several products that will extend the capabilities of SharePoint, but we’re only seeing a small portion of what’s coming. There are some big updates coming. 

  • Business intelligence (BI) — BI has been one of Microsoft’s most important features in SharePoint since it was first released. The BI team wants to make it easier to build reports and dashboards while also giving you more control over how they look and what data they contain. This will be achieved by adding new features like fluid layouts, which allows users to customize their reports based on user inputs like dates or numbers selected from dropdown lists; pagination controls; and better tagging capabilities so you can group related items together in your reporting structures. 
  • Business process management (BPM) — BPM enables organizations with complex workflows to automate their processes using various software tools like Excel 2010 Business Objects Enterprise Edition (BOE), SQL Server Analysis Services 2010 R2 SP1 Enterprise Edition and Visual Studio Team System 2010 R1 Git Server — all available as part of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for customer relationship management software versions 6 through 10 — which helps companies streamline operations without having dedicated employees managing them manually. 

Microsoft’s SharePoint will help business users work smarter and better together.  

The software is a tool for collaboration, business intelligence, applications and more. It can be used to manage teams of people who share documents or collaborate on projects—and it’s also used by companies to manage their day-to-day operations. 

Microsoft’s SharePoint is a great tool for managing knowledge management in the workplace because it allows you to organize information from different sources into one central repository so that everyone can access it easily. 

A new paradigm in team collaboration 

SharePoint is a web-based collaboration platform, where people and teams can share information, create documents and collaborate on projects. It’s also a platform for enterprise content management (ECM), business process automation (BPA) and business intelligence (BI). 

SharePoint provides IT with a comprehensive solution that can be used across organizations to manage information from any device or location. The architecture enables users to access their files via the web browser, mobile device or desktop client application—allowing them to work together securely from anywhere at any time! 

More features, more ways to use the tools 

One of the most exciting things about SharePoint is that it will have a new user interface. The current version of SharePoint is used in many ways, and it can be difficult for users and IT admins to keep track of all the different features. With this new interface, you’ll be able to see more information at once, which means you’ll save time by not having to spend so much time looking through menus or reading lengthy help articles. 

The new version also offers more ways for users to use their documents with other applications like Microsoft Word or Excel instead of just being able to access them directly from within SharePoint itself (which some people may find frustrating). This makes working together easier because everyone knows what everyone else is doing; there’s less confusion about who has been assigned which task at any given moment in time! 

Microsoft SharePoint for Business Collaboration 

Microsoft SharePoint truly shines when it comes to business collaboration. At its core, Microsoft SharePoint is a collaboration tool that allows you to manage and share content, create documents, collaborate on projects and more. 

SharePoint is a content management system (CMS), which means it’s used to manage websites or intranets. You can use it to do things like: 

  • Create websites for your business or organization by adding pages and posts with text, images or videos; then add navigation menus so users can easily find what they’re looking for. 
  • Manage all the information that goes into your website—including how much content there is on each page/post; who created each piece of content; when it was created/edited last; who has access rights (who can edit what) etc., so everyone knows exactly where everything lives within your networked environment—whether inside an office building somewhere near downtown.  

SharePoint for IT Service Management 

SharePoint is a great tool for IT Service Management (ITSM). In fact, it’s so good that it can be used as the backbone of your ITSM system! 

  • ITIL – ITSM uses the Service Operation approach, which means that all processes are guided by procedures and workflows that have been defined in terms of their inputs (the things you have to do) and outputs (the things done). This helps create stability while also providing flexibility when things change over time. 
  • ITSM processes should have clear business value: right now, we might be thinking about how to provide better customer service; down the road we may want to reduce our waste or improve our fleet management practices; maybe we want faster resolution times on certain requests? These are just some examples but there could be many others – each one needing an appropriate response mechanism! 

SharePoint as an Application Development Platform 

If you want to create custom applications that integrate with other systems, SharePoint is a great platform for doing so. You can use it to build apps that can be used by your employees, or even customers. 

SharePoint provides the tools and infrastructure needed for building cross-application solutions that can be managed centrally in one location. By using SharePoint as an application development platform, you will have access to powerful features such as Workflows & Flow Framework (WF), User Interface Controls (UIC) and more than 200 SKUS available through the Marketplace Library within Sway Content Management System (CMS). 

Business Intelligence Solutions via SharePoint 

If you’re looking for a way to maximize the power of your BI solution, SharePoint is an excellent choice. In fact, it’s one of the most powerful tools on the market today. But what exactly does SharePoint offer? Let’s take a look: 

  • Connectivity – The first and most important feature of SharePoint is its ability to connect with other systems and data sources outside of Office 365. This means that you can access all kinds of different types of information from within your own organization without having any external hardware or software necessary – just use one piece of software as a gateway! 
  • Sharing/Collaboration – Another great part about using this tool is how easy it is for multiple people within an organization (or even outside) who want access their own files at any given time without having them co-mingle together like they would otherwise do in other platforms like Gmail or Dropbox allowing them unlimited freedom when working together on projects whether remotely or physically located in proximity making communication much easier than ever before. 

Office 365 Integration with Yammer and Power BI 

Office 365 provides a host of features to help you streamline your business processes, but it’s also got some great integrations with other cloud-based tools. One of those is a collaboration between Microsoft and Yammer that allows you to connect your Yammer site with Power BI so that users can easily create dashboards from their data in the cloud. This integration can be used as part of an employee engagement strategy, allowing managers to view reports on real-time metrics such as engagement levels or productivity levels across teams or departments. You may not have thought about using Power BI before now—but now that we’ve shown how easy it is! 


The bottom line is that Microsoft’s SharePoint tool will change the way you work. SharePoint is a powerful tool that can be used to make your business more efficient, collaborate with your team and store and share documents. It’s also an easy way to collaborate using the cloud. 

You can expect to see new features, new ways to use the tools, and a paradigm shift in how teams collaborate and work together. There are too many opportunities for businesses to ignore this new platform or wait until it becomes outdated and non-functional as other platforms have done before. The time to take advantage of these advancements is now! 

Whether traditional, hybrid, or distributed teams, if you’re looking to embrace new technologies to grow at an unparalleled pace, Microsoft SharePoint is the app for you. From small business owners to large corporations, your business can experience seamless communication and collaboration with Microsoft SharePoint.  

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