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How to Work From Home The ClinkIT Solutions Experience: “Work From Home Is In Our DNA”

20 Apr 2020

As more and more businesses shift to a work from home setting for the first time, ClinkIT Solutions is reaping the benefits of having had a work from home structure from the start.  

Take it from us: it’s not as easy as it looks.  

We know from experience that moving to a work from home platform can be daunting. It requires much more than a shift in process, it requires a shift in culture and though that can be painful, it does not have to be.  

In order to best navigate this shift, look to those who have been doing it for a long time. ClinkIT Solutions has been working from home since day one, it is in our corporate DNA. We’re here to help you make the leap 

Whether you’re a telecommuting newbie struggling to get work done outside the office for the first time or a manager looking for innovative ways to inspire your new WFH team, here’s a few key things you need to know to boost productivity and morale during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond.

1. Stick to a schedule 

All the comforts and privileges of working from home are in the palm of your hand to either harness effectively or take for granted. It can be either boon or bane depending on how you manage it.  

The best way to reap the benefits – for your organization and for yourself – is to be decisive in starting and finishing your work at the same time each day. Whether you’re a morning person or a night owl, accomplishing your tasks during specific set hours, where you’re most alert and energetic, is critical to success.

2. Have a dedicated workspace 

While working from home means that you can work from anywhere it should not mean that you work from everywhere – it’s best for you and your family that you separate work from home as much as possible.  Find the most ideal home office station that can be exclusively used for working. There is no one-size-fits-all layout that works for everyone but it should be within an area that is conducive for creativity and productivity – peacefully and without interruption – which at the end of the day, you can walk away from but still worth looking forward to going back to the following morning – but with a much shorter commute than those who don’t work from home.

3. Master technology 

Learn to use WFH-designed tools and technology – and leverage the features and functions to help achieve day-to-day personal deliverables and team continuity 

For easy messaging and seamless teamwork capabilities between and among team members, Microsoft Teams is an excellent tool to consider. If you have Microsoft Office 365 than you’ve already got Teams – so you might as well start using itIf not, your organization can even take advantage of this enterprise collaboration and conferencing tool as Microsoft has offered a FREE VERSION which can last up to six months.  

If you want 24/7 data connectivity and accessibility, Power BI is a cost-effective solution with impressive storage capacity to boot. Also, putting into place an effective business continuity planning (BCP) strategy, even while working from home, is now possible with NetFoundry

4. Prioritize communication 

Spontaneous communication, visibility, and status updates are three keyfor a successful WFH business setting. Always keep the lines of communication open to let your team know that you are available and taking WFH seriously.

5. Find a balance between work and life 

Try not to let work spill over, both literally and figuratively, into your personal space and life. In the same manner, don’t let family obligations or personal issues get in the way of completing pending work.  

Having regular breaks is just as important as sticking a routine when working from home. Tips such as implementing a ‘no phone zone’ during your designated work hours can help you get done what needs to be done much faster. Plus it will you look forward to spending more meaningful time with your loved ones “after work.

No one knows the ins and outs of adapting to a work from home setup quite like those who do it full-time. If done well, remote workforce and virtual collaboration can be just as, if not more, effective than those done in a traditional office environment – for many industries including those in computer and IT, customer service, accounting and finance, education and training, and many more  

Want to find out more how you can adopt the “Work From Home Is In Our DNA” mindset like ClinkIT Solutions? Let’s have a chat today.

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