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Corona Virus: Free Microsoft Teams Subscription due to COVID-19 Outbreak

09 Mar 2020

The concerns over coronavirus have led to an increase in remote work and outsourcing business functions to managed service providers. And Microsoft is also rising up to the challenge. 

To support the increased number of work-from-home policies that the COVID-19 outbreak has inspired, Microsoft is now offering a FREE VERSION of its paid enterprise collaboration and conferencing tools for six months.  

As more companies and organizations are forced to transition to part-time and full-time remote work in a bid to prevent the rapid spread of the disease, Microsoft looks at it as an opportunity to be at the forefront of banishing growing health fears and business disruptions.  

The free Teams, according to Microsoft, includes “full meetings, collaboration and workflow capabilities”. Though it is part of the Office 365 E1 license currently being offered by the American technology conglomerate, the fact that it is made available for six months with no strings attached can prove to be very helpful for people to continue working with efficiency and without fear of contracting the virus.  

According to Microsoft, its main objective is to ensure the overall wellbeing and safety of its employers and customers and ‘Microsoft Teams video-conferencing, chat and collaboration are playing an important role in helping people continue to work and collaborate’. 

Microsoft Teams’ premium tier is now available for a six-month trial period. If you need expert guidance on how to set it up or how to maximize its capabilities for remote working, speak with a Microsoft Gold partner today.  

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