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How To Kickstart Your Tech Career

08 Jun 2022

There’s no better time than right now to begin a career in tech. The industry is blasting off with faster growth than ever before. Those who make it in digital marketing make it big. With more people joining the ranks of rich tech entrepreneurs.

Whether it’s IT, computer programming or digital marketing, here are our top 5 tips to kickstart your tech career.

1. Identify your core values

People get hired not only because of their skills but also because of their values. It’s important to know your own personal values and seek out employers that would be a good culture fit for you. Modern organizations look for people who will fit in with their company culture and have the mindset to thrive in the work environment.

Having a solid understanding of your personal attitudes and values will help you resonate with potential employers at a deeper level. It will also give you the opportunity to connect with them and show them that you’re excited by the opportunity.

Make sure you can expound on your values. How have these played a role in your journey? Be ready to tell your story to your potential employers, backed up with concrete examples and evidence such as project completion reports, references, and quantifiable results.

If you have a hard time identifying your core values, ask a trusted mentor or friend. Mapping these out will help prepare you for your next big career move.

2. Develop your skills

Always seek out opportunities to improve yourself and hone your skills even further. Apart from school, sign up for workshops, short courses and other programs that will allow you to become an even better asset in the future.

No matter what role you aspire for, you should try to hone your skills as much as you can, even outside school and work. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone.

3. Understand how you can give value

Companies are not just hiring resources to fill a role. They’re looking for real people who add value to the organization. They’re looking for people who fit in with their culture and whose values align with theirs.

Do your research about the company and take the time out to analyze yourself. What values do you have in common? Remember, your interviewer isn’t looking for the best person for the job but the best person for the organization.

In the world of tech, it isn’t enough to have mad skills at IT and Computer Science. It’s a big plus to have experience in sales, digital marketing and operations. Being well rounded can set you apart and just might land you the job.

4. Find mentors

It’s very hard to make it in the world of tech on your own. If you’re starting out in your career, it can be a big help to find mentors who can take you under their wing and teach you both the technical and soft skills required in the business.

Be open to their advice and input and be open to hearing criticism. Negative feedback helps a lot because we are sometimes unaware of our own weaknesses until they are pointed out.

5. Believe in yourself!

You have a long, bright path ahead of you. Don’t be your own greatest critic or worst enemy. So many people develop imposter syndrome – an inferiority complex coming from a belief that you landed a job out of sheer luck and may one day be discovered as a fraud. This usually comes from comparing oneself to colleagues and feeling inadequate.

This tends to be one of the biggest obstacles during recruitment. We’re telling you – don’t give in. Remember: if you don’t believe in yourself, who will? The organization would not consider you if you weren’t capable. If you need some reassurance, you could always ask them why they considered you so you are more aware of your strengths and capabilities.


Wrapping it all up, kickstarting your tech career is something that requires great strength from inside and outside. You need to identify your values, and connect with your purpose so that you can go a long way in your career. Then you need to sharpen your skills and learn to understand how you can give value to the organization you want to be part of.

Even after doing all these, you shouldn’t continue your journey alone. Sign up for workshops, build a network and find mentors who can guide and support you. Finally, be your own biggest ally and believe in yourself. This is the only mindset that’s acceptable if you really want to achieve success!

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