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ClinkIT Social Media Management Services – How to Build Social Media Channels that Convert

09 Mar 2022

Social media marketing should be a priority for every business across all industries. FacebookInstagramTwitterYouTube – and even some of the younger platforms like TikTok allow marketers to connect and engage potential consumers where they are. With a solid social media strategy as well as fresh, relevant, and interesting content, marketers can harness the power of social media channels that convert. Here’s how to effectively increase your click-through rates and turn fans and followers into customers and avid promoters of your brand.

1. Create a seamless and mobile-friendly landing page experience

The need for brands to appeal to customers on-the-go is a no-brainer, thanks to mobile e-commerce. The capacity of a company to win over customers via social media boils down to providing a swift, uninterrupted experience.

Consider how people use Instagram to get from point A to point B by swiping and tapping. The same criteria should apply to your social landing pages: they should be swipe-able, scrollable, and simple to browse with minimal interruptions. Not only can you appeal specifically to mobile consumers, but this will provide a better assessment of the behavior and interests of your social shoppers.

How can you quickly determine if your landing pages are up to snuff? Run a mobile test via Google and see how it would fare. To further increase your social media conversion rate, split test and optimize your social landing pages regularly.

2. Use videos to highlight product or service promotions

Video product marketing is associated with a greater rate of social media conversion. Video, in any shape or form, is essential for your organic content. Videos should be at the heart of your social media conversion strategy whether it’s mini-commercials or innovative product presentations.

There’s a reason why video-centric articles and ads are all the rage among brands: they’re known to improve conversions and time spent on any particular website. Videos have a dual purpose: they show off your items in action while also attracting the attention of social media users.

Remember that video advertisements don’t have to be big-budget productions. When your videos attract your client’s attention and encourage them to stop scrolling, that’s one step closer to maximizing the conversion rate of your social media platforms.

3. Use compelling Calls to Action

Making small changes to your social media profiles and descriptions might help you increase your social media conversion rate. Asking your followers to check out your latest promos in a tactful manner is totally fair game. Telling them bluntly to “BUY OUR STUFF” is a different thing.

Never be ashamed of promoting your products and services across various social media platforms. However, always put emphasis on your brand identity and personality so you can encourage your target audience to check your product page without being pushy about it.

There’s some debate going on right now over how explicit brands should be about promoting offers, though. The takeaway here is that brands should experiment with calls to action that are less “salesy” but effective in inspiring them to check your page.

4. Promote user-generated content as social proof to digital shoppers

User-generated content is second to none for driving social sales. They serve as social proof, a much-needed sense of authenticity, and a way to help you stand out among a sea of industry competitors. User-generated content is a cornerstone of any social media marketing strategy – a low-hanging way to boost your social media conversions.

5. Track your social analytics and conversions

Last but not least, always track your social media conversion rate. Watch your social traffic in Google Analytics or use URL tracking software or other social media analytics tools to determine conversion rates of specific campaigns as you roll them out.

Building Social Media Channels that Convert

To get the best ROI on your social media marketing, remember to give value first. With ClinkIT Social Media Management Services, you can blow your competition out of the water on social media and achieve all your goal conversions.

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