The Ultimate Checklist for Outsourcing your Digital Marketing

16 Feb 2022

Digital marketing is a complex process that takes time, money, and expertise to master. If you’re like most business owners, you’re debating whether to opt for in-house digital marketers or let third-party vendors handle the tasks. The big question is: which will help increase your brand’s digital visibility and potential sales? This article will share why outsourcing your digital marketing is a sensible business investment and we’ll provide you with the ultimate checklist to make the most out of your partnership with the right outsourcing provider.  

Most digital marketing agencies offer many important outsourcing services for big and small businesses including: 

  • Website design and content 
  • Website SEO and monitoring
  • Analytics
  • Google Rankings and Google My Business
  • Organic social media marketing
  • Paid social media marketing
  • Search engine optimization

Top Five Reasons to Outsource Your Digital Marketing

1. Focus On Your Core Business Process

Business owners who are engrossed in day-to-day digital marketing activities should have enough time and effort on what matters most to them: providing the finest possible product or service to their clients (and making money while doing it). By outsourcing digital marketing functions, your organization can focus on what you are most enthusiastic about and keep doing what you do best. 

2. Access to Industry Experts 

A digital team of professionals can build personalized marketing strategies for your small business and consumer base. Outsourced specialists in digital marketing know how to engage customers and generate messages that highlights your company’s unique selling propositions – and they can do it in a way that helps you stand out from the competition.

3. Sustainable Growth

By outsourcing digital marketing, business owners can concentrate on building their company, strengthening their brand, and widening its consumer base. The aim of a digital marketing firm is to create relevant and engaging campaigns that will help build your client base and earnings. After all, acquiring new businesses and maintaining existing clients is what will keep the doors open in the long run.

4. Ease of Campaign Scalability

There are many digital marketing strategies and opportunities to choose, manage, and keep track of. You’ll need an equipped and reliable outsourcing team to handle each campaign type. Moreover, you don’t have to pay the full amount if you’re outsourcing just one or two digital marketing functions. You have more flexibility to pick and choose what’s right for your business instead of expecting one person to know everything or hiring a large team.

5. Guaranteed Results

Data-driven insights and marketing analytics are provided by digital marketing specialists, resulting in real outcomes. Make sure to communicate and evaluate areas that succeed and where efforts may be improved. 

Five Questions To Help You Identify The Right Outsourcing Partner 

Consider outsourcing as an opportunity to develop a team that will help your organization grow to the next level by partnering with people who are experts in areas where you lack the knowledge or talent. Use these five questions to identify marketing service providers who are suitable for your needs and speed up the selection process of finding a long-term outsourcing partner.

1. Do you have any prior experience in my industry? 

Ask for the names of any clients in the same field or those considered as your competitors. Request for examples of work and services, as well as actual numbers for results they have achieved in your industry, if they have any. If they are involved with other brands offering the same services, let them explain how they can ensure that there would be no conflict of interest. 

2. What criteria do you use to determine success? 

Effective digital marketing efforts rely on having specific goals, metric tracking, and benchmarks. Let them talk about how they respond when objectives aren’t met or what financial commitment are at stake if the recommended solutions don’t meet expectations.

3. Do you also outsource any of the services I’m interested in? 

The more outsiders involved, the higher the risk for things to go wrong. Look for an outsourcing team who will conduct the work in-house, as this will make responsibility and communication easier to handle. 

4. How do you handle metric reporting and updates? 

Digital marketing functions that are outsourced must be tracked, measured, and analyzed. Establish clear expectations for how frequently you will receive reports and whether the outsourcer will provide you with report analysis via emails, chats, or video calls.

5. How will the first 90 days of collaboration look like? 

Learn about the setup and onboarding process, how communication and billing are handled, and how each outsourced digital marketing function will be used to generate early results. You’re seeking for processes that are already recorded and systematic. 

Outsourcing Digital Marketing Efforts to ClinkIT Solutions 

ClinkIT Solutions will help you develop a tailored digital marketing strategy that will increase your digital footprint and bring in qualified leads. If you have questions about outsourcing digital marketing efforts, contact us today

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