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Building Scalable and Secure SharePoint Solutions 

21 Jun 2023

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are migrating to cloud assets such as Microsoft 365. As part of Microsoft 365, SharePoint allows you to create online collaboration solutions, content management frameworks, and scalable intranets. It is for this reason that companies are embracing innovative SharePoint solutions that improve results.  

We understand the importance of creating secure, scalable, and user-friendly SharePoint solutions for businesses. By designing such SharePoint solutions, businesses can reduce costs, increase productivity, improve reporting, and break operational silos. What is the best way to design scalable, secure SharePoint solutions? In this article, we break it down step by step. 

Why SharePoint? 

  1. Multi-purpose functionality built-in  

The greatest benefit of SharePoint is its flexibility. Companies use it to share information, schedule tasks, manage contacts, and much more.  

Administrators can assign different permission levels to users based on their status. You can also share documents, manage files, use social networking, and access business information using it.  

  1. Centralized administration  

The ease of managing SharePoint is one of its most significant benefits. Administrators can access security settings, back up sites and site data, restore sites, and update privileges from a single dashboard.   

  1. Content management  

Content can be prepared and scheduled for posting on different websites and social media platforms. SharePoint makes it easy to share ideas, updates, and content.   

Documents can be published on the platform and shared within or outside the organization. In addition, they can create and edit tasks from any device and convert documents between PDF, Word, and Excel.  

  1. Speed up and streamline business processes  

With a collaboration platform such as Microsoft SharePoint, data can be collected and organized in one place.   

SharePoint’s form-driven solutions collect information from suppliers, customers, and partners. Your employees can display data through dashboards, web parts, or scorecards with the help of business intelligence portals. Consequently, they will be able to make better decisions, track consumer preferences, and predict demand fluctuations. 

How to Scale Your Operations with SharePoint 

1. Review On-Premises SharePoint Solutions  

Businesses have different options for app development, especially when they host on their own platforms. In addition, businesses can build applications that interact with the SharePoint framework at any level. Moreover, businesses can integrate their applications with other services, databases, and applications. When a business hosts themselves, the possibilities for app development are limitless. With SharePoint Online and Microsoft 365, firms are not able to control the platform’s code as much as they would with an on-premises solution. How does that work? In the cloud ecosystem, most of the applications would not work – for instance, sandboxed solutions. Some applications with specific code types, such as .EXEs, .DLLs, .WSPs, and SharePoint Object Model, will not work in the cloud. In addition, when an update is released, the functionality of the few apps that would work well on the cloud may be affected. Due to this, companies should be prepared to rebuild their apps quickly if there are any issues with functionality. QuickApps, for example, is one of SharePoint’s no-code solutions. 

2. Optimize Data and Design Governance Policies  

SharePoint Online applications are powered by massive amounts of sensitive and mission-critical business information. Employee engagement with the framework’s backend framework must be controlled. Microsoft 365 offers businesses a wide range of governance and security features. By using these features, companies can create strict access rights for different user profiles. Admins can develop a strong process where notifications are automatically sent whenever an employee attempts to modify any part of a SharePoint environment. Defining strong retention policies is also an important part of data cleansing in Microsoft 365. A business can ensure its SharePoint Online ecosystem is clutter-free by implementing the right policies. 

3. Integrate SharePoint with Power Platform 

Using SharePoint alongside Microsoft Power Platform can improve SharePoint app development outcomes. With Power Platform, businesses can analyze data, automate processes, and build robust solutions. Power BI allows firms to gain insights into mission-critical data stored in SharePoint libraries, sites, lists, site collections, and other external sources. By using Power Platform, a business can create low-code or no-code solutions that turn employees into citizen developers. Using drag-and-drop capabilities, these developers can create business apps, such as intelligent workflows. In addition, these developers are capable of building apps easily and integrating them with SharePoint applications online seamlessly. 


As far as SharePoint development best practices are concerned, this is a whole new ballgame. Thus, you would benefit from the assistance of experts. Our team of experts is the go-to partner for most companies seeking expert SharePoint developers. As a reliable SharePoint development company, we help businesses create easy-to-use dashboards and data visualization frameworks. A Microsoft Gold Partner, we provide end-to-end SharePoint services to help businesses manage content, raise productivity, and improve collaboration. We provide SharePoint consulting, SharePoint workflow development, SharePoint implementation, SharePoint branding and design, SharePoint integration, SharePoint BI, Power Apps development, and SharePoint migration services. 

Whether traditional, hybrid, or distributed teams, if you’re looking to embrace new technologies to grow at an unparalleled pace, Microsoft SharePoint is the app for you. From small business owners to large corporations, your business can experience seamless communication and collaboration with Microsoft SharePoint.    

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Partner up with a Multi-Gold Certified Microsoft Partner and Software Services company so you can experience a successful, scalable, and secure workplace – now and for the future. 

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