Next Level Training How & Why We Need to Upgrade Your IT Skills

Next Level Training: How & Why We Need to Upgrade Your IT Skills

09 Feb 2023

Today’s competitive world makes it difficult to stand out. In any industry, you should upgrade your IT skills for the future.  

It is challenging to stand out in a competitive world today. The impending industrial revolution will make it even more difficult in the future. By 2025, 85 million people will lose their jobs. Daily life will also be dominated by automation. There are so many outdated skills that may not be required for jobs in the future. As a result, you will need to acquire new skills and upgrade your existing ones.   

The benefits of having tech skills extend far beyond the information technology industry. Your personal and professional success will improve if you develop and maintain strong technical skills in IT today.  

If you possess these skills above your field or occupation, you will have an edge over your competitors.   

You can upgrade your IT skills by following these tips: 
  1. Take Professional Courses – Expanding your skill set by taking professional development courses is a good idea. As well as learning something new, you’ll earn academic credit that can be used towards your degree. It is convenient to attend online training or short courses because they are flexible and affordable. ClinkIT Academy offers several courses on Power BI, Power Apps and SharePoint which help learners interested in taking their IT skills to the next level. ClinkIT Academy also offers exclusive trainings for companies and organizations. Traditional universities and training institutions also offer professional development courses. Do your homework, follow through with your course, and check the syllabus. 
  2. Make Use of Online Resource Centers – On the Internet, you can always find educational resources and free information. Attend educational webinars, check industry sites, and follow blogs or accounts of industry experts on social media. Find those in your preferred niche. By participating in these forums, you can stay up-to-date on current trends. Using Google Alerts is a great way to stay on top of news alerts. You will receive the news directly in your inbox. To keep track of your industry news in one place, you can subscribe to an RSS feed. Also be sure to follow sites that offer guidance in your chosen field. For small to medium business owners interested in IT, you can get free access to articles and other resources published on the ClinkIT Academy website. 
  3. Take Part in Professional Events – Attending professional events can be a great learning experience. You learn about the growth of your industry through them. Many professional groups, local companies, and business associations offer forums, seminars, and workshops to provide insight into the industry. Additionally, these events are a great place to network and share ideas with colleagues that can give you a fresh perspective. 
  4. Online Networking Shouldn’t be Overlooked – If you want to get a good job, you need to build a network. For this purpose, you should maintain a list of contacts. You can usually find people working in the companies you intend to work with on LinkedIn. Furthermore, social media can help you stay in touch with people you meet and connect with industry experts. Get started by finding the right social media site and connecting with followers. Blogging can also boost your online credibility and help you find a job. 
  5. Invest in Certification and Continuing Education – Certification programs and continuing education programs require more time and money. However, they can increase your reliability and demonstrate your dedication. Keeping up with market trends, learning new software before it becomes mainstream, and maintaining industry standards will help you remain relevant in the future. By learning new skills, you show your potential employers that you are both dedicated and well-informed. Investing in job skills will set you up for success.  

Take your IT Skills to the Next Level 

When you learn new skills, you demonstrate to potential employers that you are not only dedicated, but also knowledgeable.  

You gain an advantage over others when you have skills. As the future tilts towards automation and technology, learning new skills and upgrading your existing ones will become more and more important. From bootcamps to online classes, there are many online resources that can help. Many of them are free, while others are affordable, making them accessible to more people. After gathering the necessary skills, networking could help you gain a deeper understanding of the industry you’re interested in. This can also be accomplished using social media. Finally, obtaining certification can show your dedication to the job.  

Upgrade Your Skills with ClinkIT Academy 

Prepare for the digital future with training and courses, online resources, and a solid network in the IT field.  

ClinkIT Academy is a training provider and resource hub for companies and professionals looking to upskill in IT and development. It is a hub for training and resources relevant to the shifting trends in technology and business.  

It provides regular trainings about different technologies and tools backed by ClinkIT Solutions’ hands-on industry expertise across various technologies including: Power BI, Power Apps, Teams, and SharePoint.  

Join this year’s Next Level Trainings  

The Next Level Training Series, now on its fourth year is brought to you by ClinkIT Academy.  

Next Level Power BI  

Transforming data into stories

Let’s turn your data into stories! Learn to create reports, dataset visualization, and more using Power BI. Join this basic to intermediate training to upgrade your skills and also get free limited time offers from ClinkIT Academy.  

What to Expect  

  • Know the different visualizations available on Power BI  
  • Understand datasets and how to use them for your reports  
  • Design and create your own reports using Power BI best practices  
  • Transform your data using Power Query Editor  
  • Model your data for analysis with visualizations  
  • Learn ways to share your reports from Power BI Service  

Next Level Power Apps  

Build Your Own Apps Instantly  

Gain the power to build your own apps! Learn to build an app using low code development with Microsoft Power Apps in just 2 days. Join this advanced training and get free limited time offers from ClinkIT Academy.  

What to Expect  

  • Create a responsive Power Apps application  
  • Connect your Power Apps app to different data sources to create a data-driven application  
  • Create reusable components using ClinkIT best practices  
  • Migrate your Power Apps application and workflow  
  • Optimize your Power Apps application  
  • Create complex business workflows  

Next Level SharePoint  

Move To Your Own Digital Workspace  

Create your digital office using an internal team site built on SharePoint. Learn to create a private & secure website to store, organize, share, and access your organizations data and files wherever, whenever. Join this advanced training and get free limited time offers from ClinkIT Academy.  

What to Expect  

  • Discover SharePoint Online’s capabilities and features  
  • Learn the different development models for customizing SharePoint Online  
  • Understand the use of SharePoint Client-Side Object Model (CSOM) and the SharePoint REST API  
  • Find out the different kinds and uses of SharePoint Add-Ins  
  • Automate processes using SharePoint Workflows and Microsoft Flow  
  • Create a Power Apps app using SharePoint Online as a data source  

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