What to Expect in the Next Release of Angular

What to Expect in the Next Release of Angular  

15 Jun 2023

How many US websites use the AngularJS framework? There are approximately 72,924 of them. Angular is one of the most popular web frameworks worldwide, according to Statista. Furthermore, a new study revealed that 30.7% of programmers and software developers are using Angular JS.  

Angular JS is still prevalent and is only getting more popular as time goes on. Therefore, if you’re unsure about whether it will work, you don’t need to worry as it’s still a viable choice.   

This blog will help you ease your worries if you are an Angular developer worried about the scope or opportunities in the field. Even if you’re a business owner with second thoughts about using Angular js but want to launch an app, this blog will help you. Keep reading!  

What is Angular?  

Angular is an open-source JavaScript framework used to create single-page applications. It was launched by Google in 2010 and has been updated many times since then.  

You can use HTML as a template language, add attributes to DOM elements, and write code using standard JavaScript syntax with this popular JS framework. Directives can also be used to extend HTML tags’ functionality and create reusable components.  

Top Features of Angular  

Some of the top features of Angular include:  

  • Angular uses HTML as its template language, making it easy to learn and use.  
  • Angular is an MVC (Model View Controller) framework, which helps you organize your code more logically.  
  • Angular has built-in routing, data binding, and templating features that make development much easier.  
  • Angular is a compelling and versatile framework used for small and large projects.  

How has Angular Transformed Over the Years?  

Since its launch in 2010, Angular has come a long way. Angular’s team has been busy making improvements and adding new features.  

Angular Timeline  

The development of Angular can be divided into three phases:  

  • Phase I (2010–2013): Angular was released, and the core framework features were developed.  
  • Phase II (2014–2016): Developed Angular Material, Angular Flex-Layout, and other related libraries.  
  • Phase III (2017-present): Focused on the development of Angular (the next generation of Angular).  
  • Phase IV (2020–2021): Release of Angular and end of Angular JS support.  

Latest Angular Versions — Meet Angular 12 & 13  

Angular 12  

The Angular 12 framework was launched on May 12, 2021. Compared to previous versions, it is faster, more efficient, and easier to use.  

The new features include:  

  • Performance and scalability are reemphasized  
  • TypeScript support has been improved  
  • Easy creation of Progressive Web Apps  
  • Animations are more flexible  
  • Internationalization support enhanced  

Angular 13  

The latest version of Angular is version 13, which was released on December 15, 2021. Developers will be able to achieve better results with less coding.  

Among the major features are:  

  • The View Engine has been removed  
  • Persistent build cache is enabled by default  
  • TypeScript 4.4 support  
  • Support for Adobe Fonts  
  • Material & Angular Test Improvements  

Where does Angular stand in the market today?  

The Angular framework is currently one of the most popular JS frameworks on the market. This software is used by many large companies and has a very active community. Angular is also sponsored by Google, which gives it a lot of credibility and support.  

It is being used to create high-performance applications by businesses. There are a lot of features in the framework that make development easier and faster. You can hire Angular developers if you want to develop a website or app.  

Current Usage Stats for Angular  

  • Since its launch in 2010, Angular has grown significantly in popularity.  
  • With a market share of 22.96%, Angular is the fourth most popular web framework according to Statista 2021 results.  
  • Angular accounts for 0.4% of all websites, which is a JavaScript library market share of 0.4%.  
  • Search engines use Angular to power their high-traffic websites.  
  • Angular is used by the top industry verticals, including Media, IT, and more.  

What Angular Can Do for Your Business  

1. Effective Cross-Platform Development 

With Angular, you can write code that works on both web and mobile platforms.  

2. Improved Speed and Performance 

Angular is known for its high speed and performance. It can handle large data volumes and complex operations without any problems.  

3. Faster Development Process 

The development time of the application is significantly reduced. You can create prototypes and MVPs very quickly.  

4. Scalability 

Scalable framework for developing applications of any size. It will help you to handle sudden traffic spikes and unexpected user growth.  

5. High-Quality Application 

Provides high-quality applications that meet business requirements. The user experience can be enhanced and the results can be improved.  

6. More Lightweight Web Applications 

The Angular framework is lighter than React and Vue. When businesses want to create fast and responsive web applications, it becomes a better choice.  

7. Efficient Problem-Solving  

Business problems can be solved quickly and efficiently with Angular’s problem-solving patterns.  

8. Improved Developer Productivity  

Angular improves developer productivity, which is one of its most significant benefits. By using Angular, businesses can accomplish more in less time.  

What is the Future of Angular?  

There is a brighter future ahead for Angular. The framework’s team is constantly working to make it better. There are plans to release new versions of Angular with great new features.  

Angular is expected to make the following advancements in the future, according to experts:  

1. Better Developer Ergonomics with Strict Typing  

One of the main goals of the Angular team is to make the development process more manageable. With strict typing, they plan to improve developer ergonomics. It will help ensure that all code is written in a consistent style.  

Angular already has excellent features like type checking and error reporting, making it easy for developers to write high-quality code. The team is planning to improve these features in future Angular versions.  

2. Improved Text Times and Debugging  

The angular team plans to improve the text time and debugging process. They are working on an upcoming feature called stack traces, making it easier to debug errors in your code.  

Stack trace will show you the exact line of code that caused an error. It will help you quickly find and fix any mistakes in your application.  

3. Reduce Framework Overhead  

The team is also working to reduce framework overhead. It will improve your applications’ performance.  

They plan to do this by moving some code into a library. It will improve performance and keep your application size small.  

4. Optional NgModulars  

NgModulars are next in line. It is an exciting feature designed to modularize the Angular framework. It will allow you to create smaller and more specific modules for your applications.  

This will help you keep your code organized and easy to manage. It will also improve performance by reducing the amount of code loaded into the browser.  

5. Angular Compiler as a PlugIn  

Finally, the Angular compiler will become a plug-in for TSC (TypeScript Compiler). It will allow you to use TypeScript features in your Angular applications.  

This will improve the quality of your code and make it easier to write large applications. It will also help ensure that all code is written in a consistent style.  

These are just a few of the advancements we can expect from Angular in the future. The team is busy at work to make Angular even better. So, stay tuned for more fascinating things in Angular.  


The Angular framework is an excellent choice for creating fast and responsive applications. Since its inception, it has come a long way, and it only keeps improving. Currently, the framework powers high-quality business applications. As Angular grows, the team is working hard to improve it. 

Building robust and scalable web applications is possible with the help of experienced Angular developers. ClinkIT Solutions is a 6x Gold Microsoft Partner with a thorough knowledge of Angular’s best practices and coding standards. They have proven eligibility and expertise on many competencies including Cloud Platform and Application Development. For any further details, feel free to get in touch with us! 

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