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Top 10 Reasons Organizations Should Use SharePoint

17 Nov 2021

Microsoft SharePoint is a cloud collaboration and document management system that enables organizations to manage, store, and share content and documents to automate workflow processes, promote teamwork, and boost business efficiencies. Here are ten reasons every organization should use SharePoint.  

  1. Integrated Multi-Purpose Functionality

At the heart of Microsoft SharePoint is flexibility. The platform facilitates file management, document sharing, task scheduling, business information, social networking, and interdepartmental contacts, among other features. Administrators can set a variety of permission access for team members and personnel according to their company status, job roles, and need-to-know – all within a highly secure environment. 

  1. Document Management and Collaboration

Information sharing and management is crucial to optimizing workflow, streamlining routine tasks, building a paperless workplace, and achieving seamless access to all business information. With SharePoint, all team members can stay in the loop 24/7, meet deadlines, make informed decisions, and contribute proactively to business planning and strategizing.  

  1. Customizable Features and Benefits

You can use the default online SharePoint features and benefits as is or tailor them to your business needs. Your team can customize specific SharePoint elements or its entire interface to reflect your brand and bring employee experience to the next level.  

  1. Enhanced Security

SharePoint enjoys robust, multi-layered data protection and data encryption as with all Microsoft products and services. Managing day-to-day tasks through a single, integrated platform minimizes vulnerability to breaches, attacks, and other cybersecurity issues across multiple systems. Data integrity remains reliable amidst the constant information access and shareability. Organizations can configure different settings to reduce the risk of unauthorized access, limit editing privileges, and maintain authentication enhancements.  

  1. It is the backbone of Microsoft Teams

According to a 2021 Microsoft report, Teams currently has 150 million users worldwide – a huge leap from 2 million users in 2017. As more companies allow work-from-home arrangements, Teams became the go-to cloud communication and collaboration platform for business continuity in the new normal. SharePoint eliminates the need for a separate document management solution. 

  1. It was developed by Microsoft

As one of the world’s technology powerhouses, Microsoft is a Big Tech superstar for good reason. The company has consistently delivered high quality, highly reliable products for individuals and enterprises alike to optimize business efficiency, productivity, and profitability. SharePoint, being one of its intelligent cloud services, enjoys the same reputation.  

  1. Automatic updates

No more worries about manually installing updates and patches. Once you purchase the SharePoint Online license, you receive the latest versions and new features as soon as these are available to the platform. 

  1. Office 365 integration

With industry workhorses such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel in its arsenal, it is not surprising that global businesses consider their Microsoft subscription a worthwhile investment. With seamless integrations across all of Office 365 products and services including Teams and Outlook, SharePoint is the best cloud platform where you can store, share, and sync files across different devices. 

  1. Mobile first

SharePoint Online is readily available and easily accessible anywhere, anytime on any device – via desktop or as an app on a mobile phone, tablet, or any digital device. It incorporates customizable security boundaries for maximum data protection and maximum cybersecurity wherever employees are located.  

  1. A rock-solid investment

Microsoft SharePoint offers a variety of pricing plans to suit specific business needs. Having a comprehensive cloud solution prevents your organization from paying for a separate cloud account and data storage plan. With 80% of Fortune 500 companies choosing SharePoint as their digital gateway, it is a proven and very cost-effective solution.  

If you need more help proving the value of SharePoint to your organization, you need a 6X Gold Microsoft Partner to discuss the best options for your business. Get in touch with ClinkIT Solutions today. 

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