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The Future of Women in Technology

22 Jun 2022

Across most industries, there is always a significant gender gap wherein women are under-represented. Case in point, the presence of women in the tech industry is severely lacking. Although some people might argue that women don’t want to work in the industry, that’s simply a stereotype meant to obscure why there are fewer women in tech. Women have often been driven away from choosing the tech industry because they are often excluded by various factors such as unfair wages or dissatisfactory working conditions.

What most companies don’t realize is that women are needed in tech. They bring a different perspective, energy, knowledge, and work ethic to the table. They can do so much more for the industry if they are given the chance to be included.

Here are some reasons why we need more women in tech:

  • Women are consumers

Women consume as many or even more tech products or services as men. Women are more likely to use their smart devices for various purposes. They are also always on the lookout for better-developed or designed products that can make their lives more efficient. As primary consumers, they know more about what people are looking for in a product. Employing women means companies can get access to valuable target market information and have them design products that can specifically cater to a woman’s needs.

  • Women think differently

As previously mentioned, women bring a different perspective to the table. They have different experiences and have different outlooks on life. This brings a different perspective when it comes to working in tech. A product made by men to cater to women might not be what women really need or vice versa. Women and men see things from various perspectives and having a balance of both genders can create discourse on various topics. This can inspire new development and new ways of thinking about what a product or service should look like. Adding women creates diversity and fosters a collaborative approach to tech.

  • Women help improve overall company performance

Having more women in tech can improve a company’s overall performance. The presence of women creates gender diversity and makes a company more appealing to any applicant. Having women in a company, especially within the tech industry, can signal that a company’s hiring policy does not discriminate against women. This also encourages a hiring process that is more focused on skills rather than gender. Furthermore, female leadership is associated with fantastic results when it comes to increasing a company’s profitability.

  • Women encourage girls

When talking about workplace representation, there is nothing more amazing than for young girls to see women in tech careers. This can encourage them to go into tech and increase the tech workforce. With women in tech, people will see a surge of female software engineers, developers, analysts, and more. Seeing women working within the industry can assure girls that a bright future in tech can be possible for them, too.

  • Women can bridge the gender gap

Women in the tech industry are still greatly outnumbered. There is a significant difference between the number of men and women in tech roles. To reduce the gender gap in the workplace, more women need to be hired. Hiring women discards the stereotype that women don’t have a place within the tech industry or are not suitable for tech roles. This would help reduce the level of bias and improve the hiring process.

  • Women can change the tech landscape

The tech industry hasn’t been kind to women. It’s often toxic for women which is why there are so few of them within the industry. However, this is also driving away from a capable workforce that can help bring development and change. Women have been at the forefront of technological development. Some female figures are considered pioneers of modern technology. With inclusion and more encouragement, who says the females of today can’t do the same?

Women are as good in tech as men. However, they are severely underrepresented in an industry that needs their input. It’s not the lack of interest that drives them away, but a lack of support and encouragement. Even with a number of female pioneers in tech, the industry tends to drive them away and to prioritize men. This undervalues women and what their skillset can bring.

A good starting point for more women to get into technology is to be given the support and resources they need to show that a career path in tech is possible for them. A good training or program can help them get started to help them see the available opportunities that await them within the industry. This will equip them with the skills, knowledge, and tools they need to navigate their future in tech.

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