Tencent Cloud Media Services  

19 Apr 2023

Media and entertainment industries are increasingly relying on cloud computing. Why is that so? Think about how often you play YouTube videos, movies, or albums on Spotify. Entertainment is becoming more accessible anywhere, at any time. Therefore, media and entertainment companies around the world are migrating to the cloud to ensure fast digital content delivery.  

Frost & Sullivan ranks Tencent Cloud as Asia Pacific’s No. 1 cloud services provider. Tencent Cloud’s services include video-on-demand, live streaming, real-time communication, short video, instant messaging, and media processing. Entertainment, social networking, education, gaming, live streaming, and other applications can benefit from industry-leading technologies. 

Let’s take a closer look at what Tencent Cloud Media Services are and how they can work for you: 

Cloud Streaming Service 

Live streaming is booming as the internet industry grows rapidly. In addition to streaming shows, games, e-commerce, cultural events, charity events, government affairs, and cultural events, it is becoming increasingly integrated with other industries.  

There are so many different use cases and streaming environments that have the same business requirements. The technical capabilities of audio and video processing are greatly challenged by these challenges. Tencent Cloud Streaming Services rely on Tencent’s mature audio visual technology platform, globally deployed cache nodes and leading audio visual AI technologies. Tencent Cloud Streaming Services offers top notch live push transcoding distribution and playback services to fully meet the requirements for low latency, high image quality and high performance.  

It offers cutting-edge live stream processing and distribution services. Streaming is smooth on a variety of devices thanks to its powerful audio-visual capability. Due to its global nodes, it is able to provide a wider range of services. Multiple stream encryption methods make video content more secure. With its video AI capabilities, you can review and audit live streams according to the needs of different use cases. Streaming Services provide standard live solutions for large-scale real-time streaming and high-quality stream recording. Live streaming scenarios include e-commerce, gaming, news, showbiz, education, finance, social networking, video surveillance, business, sports, and more.  

ItBy providing a one-stop solution for audio and video live streaming, it plays a vital role in various industries’ development.  

Video on Demand (VOD) 

Watching videos has become a dominant leisure activity for many people as the mobile internet booms. On a daily basis, they use video portals, e-commerce product display platforms, community content sharing platforms, online education and training websites, classroom applications, and video based learning platforms.  

Tencent Cloud Video on Demand integrates audio and video upload, live recording, media asset management, automated transcoding, video AI, content delivery acceleration, and player SDK to provide a one-stop audio and video solution.  

With VOD, customers can quickly build video on demand applications with high security and reliability. It provides online education customers with media asset management, cross-platform HD video playback, digital rights management (DRM), and other capabilities, which enable the smooth playback of core teaching materials and protect their security.  

Relying on the powerful audiovisual technologies of Tencent Cloud, VOD has provided tens of thousands of customers in various video industries with stable, smooth, secure, and reliable video on demand services.  

User Generated Short Video (UGSV SDK) 

TeUsers can create User Generated Short Videos with Tencent Cloud by capturing audio and video, editing special effects, adding beauty filters and animated effects, uploading at high speeds, transcoding, managing media assets, accelerating content delivery, and playing them back, allowing them to quickly implement UGSV features on phones and simplifying UGSV development.  

Media Processing Service (MPS) 

Tencent Cloud Media Processing Service (MPS) transcodes and processes multimedia files in the cloud. It can handle large amounts of multimedia data. MPS adaptively transcodes audio and video files on demand. By adjusting bitrates and resolutions, OTT services or mobile playback of multimedia data can be adapted flexibly. WaMPS also offers watermarking, screen capturing, intelligent cover generation, and intelligent editing services. 

Instant Messaging 

Tencent Cloud’s Short Messages Service leverages Tencent’s over a decade of experience in short message operations to provide countless user applications including QQ and WeChat, and more than 100,000 customers with short message services within and outside the Chinese mainland.  

Tencent Cloud’s Instant Messaging features high speed and reliability and a 99% deliverability where over 90 messages are successfully delivered within 10 seconds. It provides various services such as verification code system notification and marketing SMS, fully meeting the needs of customers basic services and marketing campaigns.  

It has a customizable signature which is an identifier added before the message text for identification of a company or business. Personalized template and SMS template covers the specific message body to be sent which can be customized through template parameters. After the SMS signature and template are approved, messages can be sent through the console API and SDK. Statistical report and SMS delivery details can be viewed in multiple dimensions including messages sent, success rate, failure details and delivery records.  

Chinese mainland SMS can be prepaid with fixed and custom packages or monthly pay as you go for industry-specific key accounts while global SMS is daily pay as you go. SMS aims to enable organizational customers to reach global users instantly with high quality instant messaging services.  

Cloud Content Delivery Network 

With Tencent Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN), users have nearby access to content through cache nodes deployed worldwide. The globally distributed network reduces network jitters and latencies, effectively improving download speed, responsiveness and overall user experience. 

CDN delivers site content to globally deployed cache nodes so that users can get the content from a nearby node more quickly. This helps avoid access delays due to network congestion, region, ISP and other factors. CDN has over 120 Tbps of bandwidth reserve to safeguard the smooth operations of various businesses. For use cases such as website portal, e-commerce, and UGC community, it provides powerful acceleration for static content delivery to greatly improve the web user experience. For game installation packages, mobile phone ROMs, APKs and other files, it offers stable and quality download access. 

Try Tencent Cloud Media Services Today 

With limitless applications and unparalleled power, Tencent Cloud Media Services bring decades of audiovisual expertise to businesses around the world. 

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