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Tencent Cloud Media Services vs. Other Cloud Video Solutions: Which is Right for You? 

11 May 2023

We have entered the era of “Immersive Convergence,” – an innovative model that integrates the digital economy with the real world. 

“The doors to the future are open with ‘Immersive Convergence.’ It offers new solutions to users, industries and society, and is set to bring new application scenarios, incubate a new industrial ecology and shape a new way of life,” said Pony Ma, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Tencent. 

A big part of immersive convergence is increased digitization and migration to the cloud. As the majority of companies make this shift, countless big players have emerged – and we could all benefit from getting to know them.  

Cloud service providers can make or break your business. Therefore, it’s important to choose carefully. Find out what the best cloud media service companies have to offer, why you should choose them, and some simple but critical things to keep in mind to choose the right cloud provider who fulfills your strategic vision. 

Comparing Cloud Media Solutions Providers 

Tencent Cloud 

Tencent Cloud Media Services is a new international audio and video brand that offers one-stop media solutions from PaaS to SaaS – including real-time communication, video-on-demand, live streaming, global acceleration, and security – so that global companies can lower costs, increase efficiency, and drive innovation. 
Using industry-leading, comprehensive, and easy-to-use media products, Tencent Cloud Media Services is a pioneering media cloud brand in the era of “Immersive Convergence”. With it, content creation, processing, and distribution will be more efficient in real time, and engaging audience experiences will be created around the globe. 

With pioneering technology, easy-to-use products, and deep industry expertise, Tencent Cloud dominates the media service field in Asia and the Pacific. Tencent Cloud integrates digital and the real world with outstanding media service, accelerating overall digital transformation.  

Service Advantages  

  • Customers benefit from a complete and diverse range of products and services offered by the comprehensive service system. Tencent Cloud provides general media services as well as integrating network resources into Tencent RT-ONETM Network to lower costs and improve user experience.  
  • The integration of media terminal capabilities into Tencent RT-CUBETM provides an easy-to-use and comprehensive integrated solution.  
  • Tencent Cloud has strong industry expertise across a wide range of sectors, including media, entertainment, healthcare, etc., so it can lead the market in a number of traditional and emerging fields. 

Alibaba Cloud 

Alibaba Cloud provides media services across APAC thanks to its one-stop deployment, content production, and distribution capabilities. 

Media organizations can use Alibaba Cloud’s one-stop media solution to produce, upload, process, manage, and deliver digital media content with ease and intelligent insights across multiple formats, platforms, and locations through its one-stop media solution.  

Service Advantages  

  • From production, storage, processing, and distribution of videos, Alibaba Cloud provides a one-stop solution.  
  • Over 2,800 global CDN nodes enable RTS to support tens of millions of concurrent streams with a two-second maximum end-to-end latency.  
  • Multiscreen live content offerings can be rapidly deployed on all mainstream platforms with the SDK features included out-of-the-box. 

Amazon Web Services (AWS) 

Through targeted solutions, multiple partners, and rich service experience, AWS is providing media services to clients in India and Japan across a wide range of industries. 

AWS aligns the most purpose-built media and entertainment capabilities of any cloud across five solution areas. By selecting the right tools and partners for your workloads, clients can accelerate production launches and see faster time to value for their content.  

Service Advantages  

  • With five solution areas to help clients transform their industries, AWS aligns the most purpose-built media capabilities of any cloud.  
  • Dedicated AWS industry specialists and AWS Professional Services teams work with leading media and entertainment technology and consulting partners, including Adobe, Sony, and others, to accelerate deployments across key solution areas.  
  • With 15 years of experience supporting transformation for leading industry clients such as Discovery, Disney, FOX, HBO Max, Hulu, MGM, The National Football League, Netflix, TF1, Weta Digital, and more, AWS brings unmatched expertise. 


As a result of its content production, distribution, delivery, and other advantages, Azure provides value to Japanese and Korean clients in APAC. 

Delivering high-definition video encoding and streaming services is the key to managing and transforming media content. AI helps enhance content discovery and performance, while DRM helps protect it.  

Service Advantages  

  • Enhance the discoverability and performance of media by adding new features such as spoken words, written texts, faces, celebrities, and emotions to apps.  
  • Provide streaming and protection formats for media source files and content. Provide enriched, adaptive cloud streaming experiences using Azure Media Player.  
  • Live broadcasts can be scaled to meet clients’ needs: Azure could livestream a town hall meeting, a webinar, or a large sporting event to audiences of all sizes while controlling the properties of the outgoing video. 

Google Cloud 

With the advantages of security, technology, and content, Google Cloud provides media services for Taiwanese clients, contributing to the value of content production and distribution. 

The Google Cloud is designed to modernize content production and distribution operations as well as transform audience experiences worldwide.  

Service Advantages 

  • To protect organizations from current and future threats, Google Cloud provides large-scale identity management, network security, and threat detection and response capabilities.  
  • By utilizing cutting-edge technologies, such as AI and big data, you can improve audience engagement through search and discovery scenarios.  
  • Utilize Google Cloud’s storage, network, and computing infrastructure to deliver, digitize, store, and retain high-quality, low-latency content on a large scale. 

Baidu AI Cloud 

As a one-stop solution for deployment, content production, and distribution, Baidu AI Cloud provides media services to enterprises throughout APAC. 

In order to provide users with stable and high-quality real-time audio and video services, Baidu AI Cloud relies on its powerful real-time audio and video processing and transmission capabilities and low latency network covering the world.  

Service Advantages  

  • An all-platform SDK that supports Windows, Android, iOS, Web, and other platforms, from capture to playback.  
  • Nodes are located in more than 50 countries and regions around the world, with intelligent link optimization and optimal node selection, and multiline BGP to solve cross-operator latency.  
  • Using Baidu AI technology, it provides content auditing, visual effects, real-time beauty functions and media service based on AI capabilities like voice recognition and face detection. 

Volcano Engine 

Volcano Engine provides services for Chinese traditional media servicers in APAC based on the advantages of technology, user experience, and content. 

Volcano Engine’s media service recommends the most interesting content based on the recommendation application practices of Toutiao and TikTok, which improves click conversion rates as well as length of stay for media content based on the recommendation application practices of Toutiao and TikTok.  

Service Advantages  

  • Volcano Engine provides audio and video processing services to meet the needs of various media platforms in order to convert video files to different bit rates and resolutions. Additionally, it provides video editing and smart tagging services.  
  • A rich and personalized user experience is provided through Volcano Engine AI technology, including video creation, virtual hosting, and other features.  
  • Incorporating Volcano Engine’s intelligent algorithm and high-quality content into the management of massive content with multichannel content introduction, content understanding, content quality inspection, and content distribution will enable you to manage massive content. 


Avaya provides media and entertainment solutions and services to South Asian clients in APAC with its personalized content and advanced data security. 

With its four priorities of data utilization, service excellence delivery, hybrid work support, and data security, Avaya provides products and solutions to improve the user experience and grow customer business.  

Service Advantages  

  • Based on AI, Avaya creates personalized content based on user characteristics using data collection, storage, and analysis.  
  • With advanced technologies, such as facial biometrics and image retrieval, Avaya enhances data security by verifying the identity of users or clients in their native language. In addition, Avaya would solve problems in their native languages in accordance with local data policies. 

Huawei Cloud 

A major player in the Chinese market, Huawei offers a range of media services, especially in the video security market, leveraging its rich service and ecological resources 

With extreme HD, extreme intelligence, extreme capacity, extreme security and reliability, and minimal operation and maintenance, Huawei Cloud Link injects new momentum into the development of the digital economy and delivers a unified and efficient executive-grade media service experience to users.  

Service Advantages  

  • Huawei’s 28 years of audio and video communication technology, combined with its independent intellectual property rights, gives it a technology advantage  
  • Widely serving TOP users in various industries such as government, finance, and medicine  
  • The Huawei Cloud offers a full range of products and services that are coordinated and more complete due to its leveraging of its own services and those of its partners 


By adopting real-time interactive capabilities, Agora reaches global markets, focusing on entertainment and education. Agora specializes in HD real-time call cloud service solutions for mobile devices. 

Service Advantages  

  • An ultra-flexible product portfolio, a variety of functional suites, solutions for understanding industry scenarios; a rich API portfolio, simple API calls; and an easy way to create real-time interactive scenarios  
  • Agora Cloud Marketplace integrates the best global resources to provide overseas enterprises with services and companies going overseas with Agora Cloud Marketplace.  
  • For eight consecutive years, there have been no network-wide incidents. 


With its advanced technology and extensive network, Zego provides solutions to multiple industries, especially in the entertainment and education sectors in Asia. 

Dedicated to creating service value through top-of-the-line cloud communication technology. With services covering hundreds of audio and video interactive business scenarios and exceeding 3 billion minutes in a single day, we are leveraging the capabilities of basic cloud service providers.  

Service Advantages  

  • Achieving international top levels in audio pre-processing, network adaptation, and cross-platform compatibility by focusing on self-researching audio and video engines. 
  • Extensive entertainment industry experience and a better understanding of scene content. 


Using powerful platform technology, Twilio delivers rich audio and video services to a wide range of industries 

The mission of Twilio is to unleash the imagination of builders. With global reach and no shenanigans pricing, we are the customer layer for the internet, powering the most engaging interactions companies build for their clients.  

Service Advantages  

  • A Customer Data Platform (CDP) provides a 360-degree view of clients with real-time first-party data that continuously enriches client knowledge.  
  • With customizable apps, you’re able to create a completely custom user experience that’s unique to your business and perfect for your clients.  
  • Only pay for what you need and scale up as needed. 

Who should you choose? 

The choice is clear. Among all these Cloud Providers studied by Frost & Sullivan, Tencent Cloud was ranked as the No. 1 Cloud Media Services Provider for Asia and the Pacific.  
Tencent Cloud Media Services raises the bar by providing industry-leading, comprehensive and easy-to-use media products for global businesses. This promise is backed by Tencent’s more than 20 years of research and experience in video and audio technology. A big part of transitioning to the cloud is having a robust media backbone to house your content for the world to see. 

How organizations are using Tencent Cloud’s Media Solutions to improve their businesses 

  1. Live Video Broadcast 

With Tencent Cloud’s global acceleration network and support for HLS, DASH, FLV, RTMP, and WebRTC playback protocols, you can enjoy excellent streaming performance with millisecond latency. Improve live streaming performance by supporting multiple streaming protocols including standard RTMP, RTC, and RTMP over QUIC.     

  1. Media Processing Service (MPS) 

MPS transcodes and processes multimedia files in the cloud. It is capable of handling large amounts of multimedia data. MPS adaptively transcodes audio and video files as needed. Bitrates and resolutions can be adjusted to adapt OTT services or mobile playback of multimedia data. Additionally, WaMPS provides watermarking, screen capturing, intelligent cover generation, and intelligent editing. 

  1. Video on Demand (VOD) 

With VOD, customers can quickly create video on demand applications that are secure and reliable. Among other features, it provides online education customers with media asset management, video playback across platforms, and digital rights management (DRM), which allows for smooth presentation of core teaching materials.   

Video on demand services powered by Tencent Cloud have provided stable, smooth, secure, and reliable video services to thousands of customers in various video industries. 

  1. Mobile Live Video Broadcast and User Generated Short Video (MLVB and UGSV) SDK 

Mobile Live Video Broadcasting (MLVB) SDK allows you to quickly integrate live streaming capabilities into your mobile applications. The MLVB SDK provides Tencent Cloud’s live stream publishing and playback services, as well as host/viewer interaction, cross-room communication, and more. 

By capturing audio and video, editing special effects, adding beauty filters, animated effects, uploading at high speeds, transcoding, managing media assets, accelerating content delivery, and playing them back, users can create User Generated Short Videos using Tencent Cloud, allowing them to develop UGSVs on phones quickly. 

  1. Tencent Real-Time Communication 

Tencent Cloud’s Instant Messaging features fast and reliable delivery with over 90 messages delivered within ten seconds. In addition to providing basic services and marketing campaigns, it also provides verification code system notifications. 


Indeed, cloud computing is much more than its parts in terms of technology. In addition to cost savings, greater flexibility, elasticity, and optimal resource utilization, cloud computing has been credited with increasing competitiveness. Cloud-native technologies open doors to more efficient ways of working, enabling machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to emerge. 

For businesses and organizations looking for the leading cloud technology for video encoding, live streaming, edge computing, app creation, social messaging, and end-to-end online video media services – Tencent Cloud Media Services is your best bet. 

Try Tencent Cloud Media Services Today  

With limitless applications and unparalleled power, Tencent Cloud Media Services brings decades of audiovisual expertise to businesses around the world.  

Cloud solutions are reshaping the media landscape, and it has opened new possibilities for both developers and consumers alike. Join our webinar on May 31 to learn about the exciting media trends and opportunities in Media Solutions, where industry experts from Tencent Cloud and ClinkIT Solutions will host an in-depth conversation around building a digital-first business. Click here to reserve your slot.  

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