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Tencent Cloud Launches EdgeOne

14 Sep 2022

Organizations from almost all sectors are using the cloud to embrace digital transformation and benefit from the evolving digital economy. In addition to its data protection and security, automation, fast, and various other services, cloud computing also poses a wide range of risks due to security, connectivity, network latency, and compliance issues. Therefore, organizations seek out cloud-based third-party offerings that can leverage their resources, such as time, money, and human effort.

Tencent Cloud, a prominent Chinese Internet company with flagship products such as QQ and WeChat, specializes in cloud computing, database, security, storage, and CDN services to make your cloud experience extraordinary. As a response to the managerial concerns of businesses, Tencent Cloud recently launched Tencent Cloud EdgeOne, its upgraded one-stop platform. Known for its robust security and acceleration services to various industries, including gaming, streaming, e-commerce, print and electronic media and many others, Tencent Cloud EdgeOne operates more than 28,000 edge nodes globally across multiple regions.

In an inauguration ceremony, Tommy Li, Vice President of Tencent Cloud, announced the release of Tencent Cloud EdgeOne. Vice President Tommy Li summarized the new offering as “ACROSS” which stands for Advanced technology, Extensive Connectivity, Real-time service, Optimisation of data, Smart application, and Security protection. Through the integration of our advanced security technology into our RT-ONE network, Tencent Cloud EdgeOne ensures low latency, reliable services, and in-depth security.

By providing rate limiting, web and DDoS attack protection, Tencent Cloud has addressed the concerns of the gaming industry. Using this approach, games were able to secure 100 percent downloads without interruption.

A further insight into the gaming industry was provided by Baal Feng, General Manager of Global DevOps at Tencent Games. General Manager Baal Feng explained how the global gaming market has enormous potential as it is rapidly expanding. This puts pressure on cloud providers such as Tencent to increase download speed and latency. Baal pointed out, the download speed and overall user experience depend profoundly on the network quality- an area Tencent Cloud EdgeOne has mastered already.

Tencent Cloud EdgeOne’s security apparatus is unified, swift, reliable, and integrated, according to Eric Cheng, General Manager of Tencent Cloud Security. In its robustness, Eric described the new product as a “secure platform that detects and defends against attacks earlier, mitigating malicious traffic right at the edge, before it reaches our data center.”

Tencent Cloud EdgeOne has various advantages and applications. It stands out because it moves the service edge nodes closer to end-users, blends with Domain Name System (DNS), and provides the edge nodes installed close to end-users.

Moving the services edge nodes closer to end users provides layer-3 (Network), layer-4 (Transport), and layer-7 (Application) protection, and accelerates services to the global market as well as a consolidated dashboard that saves time and minimizes configuration formalities. It is also easier to find and mitigate malicious requests when edge nodes are located closer to end-users. Tencent Cloud EdgeOne features integrated security features such as DDoS protection, web firewall protection, bot management, and behavior analysis. By blending with DNS, Tencent Cloud EdgeOne stabilizes DNS resolution and reduces latency. Dedicated interconnections enable speedy and smooth traffic between Tencent Cloud EdgeOne and the origin server.

Tencent Cloud’s senior leadership concluded the launch ceremony by promising to continue exporting high-level security tools, providing fast, secure, and professional edge-integrated security services to assist enterprises in their digital ventures.

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