Prepare to level up your IT career with Sidekicks 7.0. Dive into a 3-month adventure where you’ll gain super skills in Sales, Project Management, Software Development, and more. Are you ready to become a legend? Join the battle now!

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Program Overview

Prepare for the ultimate battle in the digital arena with Sidekicks 7.0, where you will embark on a legendary journey into the heart of tech mastery.

Your Quest Awaits

Sidekicks 7.0 is not just a program; it's your chance to become a tech legend. Led by ClinkIT's battle-hardened mentors, this 3-month odyssey will transform you into a true tech champion.

Superpowers & Qualifications

- Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science / Information Technology
or equivalent.
- Open to fresh graduates or those with up to 1-year experience.
- Mastery in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, AngularJS, and Microsoft .NET
development using C#.
- The ability to adapt, self-learn, and thrive under pressure.

Conditions of Battle

- Remote work: Fight from the comfort of your home.
- Unwavering internet connectivity: Ensure your connection never falters.
- Bring your own device (BYOD): Your weapon of choice.
- Guaranteed monthly salary: Your rewards for valor.
- Benefits: SSS, PHIC, HMDF covered - Your shield in the battle.

Why Join?

- Experience the Real World: Hone your skills in a practical environment with
guidance from seasoned pros.
- Find Your Super Skills: Put your abilities to the test, strengthen them, and
excel in your chosen domain.
- Jumpstart Your Career: Exceptional Sidekicks can become full-time ClinkIT

ClinkIT Solutions is on the hunt for the best tech talent from the Next Evolution generation. If you’ve got
the skills, the courage, and the will to become a legend, this is your call to arms.

Prepare for the ultimate battle in the digital arena with Sidekicks 7.0, where you will embark on a legendary journey into the heart of tech mastery.

Assess Your Legendary Prowess


Gauge your superpowers and ensure you meet the qualifications. Only true sidekick material can ascend.

Summon Your Sidekick Profile


Equip us with your most potent weapon: your updated resume. Show us your skills and prove that you’re Sidekick material.

Test your Tech Might


When you’ve caught our eye, you’ll be summoned to face a tech challenge – a trial of technical powers.

Share Your Legendary Tales


Upon conquering the test, you’ll face an interview with our ClinkIT Superheroes. Unleash tales of your victories and challenges, leaving them in awe.

Embrace Your Digital Destiny


In the final crucible, you’ll meet our ace engineers. Stand tall, showcase your tech sorcery, and dazzle everyone with your ultimate project.

Claim Your Sidekick Badge


Having overcome these trials, the final day heralds an invitation to join our league of ClinkIT Superheroes. Your Sidekick pass awaits, champion.

How Legends are Recruited

Are you ready for the sidekicks program?

Ample time to evolve through  hands‑on experience.

Master not only software development but also sales and project management.

Learn from our battle-hardened engineers and managers.
Your journey begins here. Sidekicks 7.0 – where tech legends are forged. Will you rise to the challenge and become the next digital champion?

Apply now and secure your place amongst the Legends of tech history!

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