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Sidekicks: Today’s Tech Talent

09 Nov 2021

In a world where technology, automation, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are changing how work gets done, and where lines between mainstream technology companies and other industries are becoming increasingly blurred – top tech talent is in particularly high demand.  

Within the technology sector, fierce competition abounds seeking ways to gain an advantage in taking over the digital-first economy: long-standing tech giants are challenged by smaller, more nimble players; original disruptors feel pressure from newer companies; consumers demand improved, personalized experience; changing employee demographics shift expectations toward increased job security and fulfilling career advancement. These issues, combined with the constant evolution of capital and stricter government privacy protection policies, are putting pressure on employers and business leaders to take professional development programs up a notch in order to attract, engage and retain high-value employees.  

With software as the pervasive force and the main driver of all aspects of work across nearly every industry, this has two broad implications. First, the demand for today’s best tech talent will continue to increase across industries, and secondly, technology companies must prioritize investments to drive innovation, deliver operational excellence, and build a truly global and world-class workforce. 

The $8.5 Trillion Tech Talent Shortage 

According to Los Angeles-based management consulting firm Korn Ferry, there will be a global shortage of more than 85 million tech workers by 2030 resulting in about $8.5 trillion in lost annual revenue. 

Professional services firm PwC explains that as technology permeates many sectors, the economic stakes are rising. The sixfold surge of tech share in US GDP since 1980 is one clear evidence.  

“It’s pure supply and demand,” says Alan Guarino, a vice chairman at Korn Ferry. “Companies are paying more, they’re hiring more, but there is still a shortage of high-skilled tech workers. Technology is the thread that runs across every aspect of business.” 

There is high demand for cloud computing experts, data scientists, programmers, and software engineers everywhere, Guarino further explained. “Retail companies and financial firms, leading companies and municipalities are becoming increasingly aggressive in how they recruit new tech workers. This isn’t just happening within big software firms and traditional tech powerhouses like IBM and Cisco,” he said.   

What does it mean to be a top-tier tech talent? 

  1. AbleTo Adapt And Innovate 

Past relevant experience and key soft skills are both critical components when looking for a top-tier tech talent. These are individuals that stay up-to-date with new technologies and merge creative solutions with the right technical expertise as well as maintain fluidity to create category-defining disruption.  

  1. AttachedTo Concept, Not Platform 

“Look for someone who is uninhibited by technology or tool, but attached to a concept, is fungible about the technology used and is a quick learner,” says Madhavan Satagopan, Chief Technology Officer at Altimetrik.  

  1. SpeedAnd Agility 

Staying under the radar, stability, and constancy is irrelevant and no longer an option for anyone who wants to be top-tier tech talent in a digital-first economy. “Speed and agility are now more important than risk aversion and layered processes to avoid loss,” says Joe Logan, VP at Nissha Medical Technologies (NMT). 

  1. Seeing The ‘Bigger Picture’

High-performing talent can provide detailed descriptions of their tasks and see how it fits into the “bigger picture”. “In our ad tech world, understanding workflow and error traps are key when writing or designing software,” says Chris Dobson, CEO at The Exchange Lab 

  1. Team Player

The ability to collaborate with others, unlike competence and intelligence, is much more difficult to evaluate in technical hires. “A team player can contribute to a great idea but will back off when it becomes clear it’s not the right approach,” says AJ Abdallat, Founder of Beyond Limits, Inc. The talent must be able to work cross-functionally and join forces with the rest of the organization.  

  1. Understands Culture Needs

The best tech workers utilize technology to energize the human spirit at work. When they consciously consider the company’s mission and vision as well as the customers’ ambitions, they become more successful in building strong workplace cultures through technology.  

  1. Character

Competence can be taught while commitment can be stimulated but there’s no changing a person’s character. Top-tier tech talent has strongly-held values for honesty, respect, integrity and compassion.  

Becoming The Best Tech Talent From The Generation Born For Digital!

If you are a graduating student or a recent graduate with IT and Computer Science skills, then this is your chance to prove yourself, show off your skills, learn from the best, and take it to the next level. ClinkIT Solutions is accepting new applications for its Sidekicks 5.0: #BornDigital starting November 2nd 

Sidekicks is a 12-week tech bootcamp program designed to empower high-potential individuals. The program is founded on a partnership between academic mentorship and professional experience. During the 12-week program, the Sidekicks take part in a highly selective program at 6x Gold Microsoft Partner ClinkIT Solutions. The program includes opportunities and hands-on training on Sales, Project Management, and Software Development. All of these will help the Sidekicks enhance their career development with ClinkIT Solutions.  

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