Scale to the One

There is a need for a new movement, the Scale To The One movement, to promote change in the market mindset and corporate phishing protection tools.

Project Overview

It's Time for Change!

Phishing is the #1 threat to businesses today. Despite the plethora of email filtering solutions, security awareness training and simulation providers, the threat has never been greater.

The Scale To The One movement aims to promote change in the market mindset as well as corporate phishing protection toolkits​, to say NO to the way phishing protection is being approached today​, and to empower the company’s first line of defense against phishing – THE ONE​

The Challenge

Revolutionizing Anti-Phishing Solutions

There are many anti-phishing solutions available – including security awareness training and simulations – but 74% of phishing attacks are successful in the US, and the average loss per attack has reached $4 million.   

There is no doubt that the current solutions cannot solve the problem. Despite this, the market continues to offer the same solutions. There has been a rise in both volume and complexity of threats, but the market has not kept pace, resulting in significant weaknesses in corporate security architectures.

The Approach

Stop Phishing Attacks Where They Happen

The current phishing protection strategies and technologies do not work. We need a change! Protecting employees from phishing must begin at the employee level – not at the perimeter.



The Scale to the One Movement

Scale to the One promotes corporate phishing protection toolkits, as well as a change in market mindset. To protect against phishing, the employee must be the first line of defense, not the perimeter. ClinkIT Solutions brought the Scale to the One movement to life by building a dynamic website, creating a comprehensive digital campaign, and crafting personas and comics to promote this advocacy.

Services Used in this Project

  • Website Development
  • UI & UX Design
  • Graphic Design
  • SEO
  • Socal Media Management

Impact Created

Estimated Page Growth Increase in 6 Months


Increase in Page Visitors


Social Media Reach Increase



I was very satisfied with my decision to work with ClinkIT Digital on building the website for my service, LindemannMD. They did a great job putting the site together in a timely fashion. Aaron & team are extremely detail-oriented and were open to the feedback I provided them.

Dr. Alan Lindemann

Obstetrician-Gynecologist (OB/GYN)

Let’s toast to your success!