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ClinkIT PowerUp Announcement: Competition Winner of 2020 Startup Seed Program

03 Jul 2020

ClinkIT Solutions is excited to announce the winner of the 2020 PowerUp Program!

ClinkIT Solutions launched the PowerUp competition on March 15, 2020. The goal: to discover and support promising start-ups and disruptive innovators with the ambition to ACCELERATE AND GO BEYOND LIMITS. The chosen winner will receive support from and access to ClinkIT Solution’s IT Development team, comprehensive campaign-creation tools, technology, and technical expertise in creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) over the next three months.

Many competition participants submitted applications, sharing their product and business ideas, investment pitches and overarching business viability. ClinkIT Solutions then conducted a multi-stage screening process focusing on aspects such as technological innovation, product originality, and marketability before choosing this year’s grand prize recipient of the exclusive 2020 ClinkIT PowerUp accelerator program.

ClinkIT Solutions is excited to announce the winner…


Winner of the 2020 ClinkIT PowerUp Startup Accelerator Program


SwaysEast is an end-to-end marketing platform with features covering content creation, scheduling, distribution, and insightful analytics. It offers marketing teams, especially content creators and marketing agencies, a suite of smart tools for objective, intelligent, and data-driven content creation and distribution.


Paul Harris, CEO of ClinkIT solutions, congratulated the SwaysEast team on their selection as the 2020 ClinkIT PowerUp award winner. He and the ClinkIT Solutions selection committee was impressed with the innovation of their comprehensive and data-driven suite of marketing tools which will provide value and insight to marketers, marketing agencies and content creators that they’ve not had before.

SwaysEast and ClinkIT Solutions have begun collaborating on building out the tools and expect to have them ready to launch by the end of the summer.

The PowerUp startup accelerator program is not a typical seed program or business incubator where the main prize is a substantial cash funding. Instead, the winner recreives access to ClinkIT Solutions world class technology development team to help bring the business idea to life by providing software, content, and hands-on support to the winner of the competition.

ClinkIT Solutions created to PowerUp program to remove the friction often faced by new ventures such as building infrastructure, acquiring talent and access to resources so they can focus on creating a viable product and bringing it to market in a relatively short amount of time.

Through ClinkIT PowerUp, there will be 100% ClinkIT Solutions support throughout the entire startup journey – from campaign creation and product launch to marketing and PR support.

What SwaysEast will get:

DOMAIN EXPERTISE AND MENTORSHIP: A team of experts to help create and implement architecture and strategy, full-cycle product engineering services, marketing, maintenance, and testing. ClinkIT Solutions will be their strategic business partner to help conceive, create and catapult the startup concept to the market in 6-12 weeks.

BRAND AWARENESS AND VISIBILITY: The right platform to spotlight the products and services and begin the marketing process.

CONNECTIONS AND COMMUNITY: ClinkIT Solutions will provide access to relevant business opportunities and build local partnerships and mentorships for future planning and strategic management.

Congratulations to SwaysEast! The winners of the 2020 ClinkIT PowerUp Startup Accelerator Program!

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