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Why Companies Are Migrating to Microsoft 0365: Five Fast Facts about the Business World’s Preference for 0365

27 Jan 2020

Microsoft Office 365

There has been a massive spike in migration to Microsoft Office 365 among businesses worldwide. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting details about this powerful and popular productivity suite.

Standout Capabilities from Previous Office Versions

Office 365 is Microsoft’s subscription-based cloud service, containing the traditional version’s core application but with add-on apps and services (e.g. Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, etc.) depending on the purchased plan.

Unlike the previous Office versions which required users to pay for a new copy of the latest edition, the paid subscription plan of O365 gives users the privilege to access the latest versions and all the updates that go along with it all the time.

Being cloud-based, users don’t need to maintain any hardware or install software to run it – Microsoft’s powerful server technology allows all O365 data, services, and applications to be accessible whenever and wherever it is needed.

O365 Adoption Statistics (as of Q2 2019)

Under Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s leadership, here are the numbers to prove that O365 is powering ahead:

  • 180 million users worldwide are on O365
  • More than 80% of all organizations worldwide that shifted to cloud services are on O365
  • 70% of Fortune 500 companies use O365
  • Those Fortune 500 companies noted that their migration to O365 decreased their IT spending by at least 15% and increased their time to market by more than 20%.
  • Almost 45% of O365 customers are from the U.S. including half a million of its businesses
  • Almost 70% of O365 users from the U.S., Australia, and Germany believe their productivity increased after shifting to O365
  • Specific Industries Using O365

The highest rate of O365 usage comes from financial services companies due to their heavy dependence on the spreadsheet app, Excel. Firms and organizations from technology, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and professional services are also active users as they seek easy access to the latest applications and tools to give them a competitive advantage.

The Goals of Migration

There are numerous reasons why companies big and small from all over the world are migrating to O365. The two most common factors for doing so are the need to minimize complexity of their IT environment and overall cost reduction. Data security amidst potential hacking as well as business continuity in the face of a server crash are also key reasons for switching to O365.

Impact for Start-Ups and SMB (small and medium-sized businesses)

As there are plenty of licenses and options to match any budget consideration, new firms and emerging companies must take advantage of adapting a “work from anywhere on any device at any time” model that O365 can offer if they want to experience a positive ROI for the long haul.

Are you planning for an O365 migration for your organization? Speak with a cloud services expert at ClinkIT Solutions today.

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