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Everything You Need to Know About .NET

24 Aug 2022

When building a new web application, we have many architectural choices to make. Despite narrowing down our technology choices to Angular and ASP.NET Core, we still have several alternative options to choose from.

Angular and ASP.NET Core can be used to build a variety of productive applications. Depending on your application’s size, mobile needs, and code sharing desires, you can structure the app’s client and server architecture differently. ASP.NET Core applications can be designed using Angular as monolithic projects, server-client projects, or multi-client projects.

With the use of .NET technology and Angular, a developer can create a web application that fulfills business needs indefinitely. It is imperative that complex architecture projects are tested and deployed frequently, yet seamlessly. Having these elements in place will lower downtime and provide excellent user experiences.

Before deciding if Angular and ASP.NET Core are the best choices for you, it’s important to understand what they are. Let’s dive into Angular and ASP.NET Core technologies and get a better understanding of how it can be applied to your business.

What is .NET?

.NET is a Microsoft-designed software development framework and ecosystem that allows easy development of desktop and web applications. It is a developer platform with tools and libraries for building any type of app, including web, mobile, desktop, games, IoT, cloud, and microservices. Apps that are built using .NET either use C# or Visual Basic as its programming language.

The C# programming language is simple, object-oriented, and type-safe. With F#, you can write code that is succinct, robust, and performant. With Visual Basic, you can create type-safe, object-oriented apps with a simple syntax.

No matter what programming language you use, your code will run natively on any compatible operating system. The .NET framework can be used to build a wide variety of applications. It can run on a variety of operating systems and devices, some of which are cross-platform.

All .NET applications share a standard set of base class libraries and APIs. Additionally, each app model can expose APIs specific to the operating system it runs on or the capabilities it provides. ASP.NET, for instance, is a cross-platform web framework that allows you to build web applications for Linux and Windows. .NET are mostly used to build APIs.

What is the difference between .NET and Angular?

.NET and Angular are 2 different platforms all over but they are used to build Web Apps, whereas .NET has a wider range of tools used to build more different types of apps.

Angular takes over many responsibilities once assigned to ASP.NET MVC. Most of these overlap in the view stack. Databinding and HTML templating are two components of Angular apps. Razor handles these features in ASP.NET through HTML and Tag Helpers, view components, etc. A single-page application can also have page routes, just like a standard web application, with Angular’s routing feature. Angular also supports server-side rendering of HTML components and templates. The server-side rendering in Angular, however, requires additional configuration, and relies on NodeJS.

Both .NET and Angular are open-source and free. There are numerous advantages to using open-source software over proprietary software. Whether you are a student or an enterprise, its availability and sustainability make it an invaluable tool. Its transparency also enhances its security. Despite the risks, commercial open-source solutions offer simplified management, warranty, support, and often additional features that add value to organizations without in-house IT expertise. By choosing commercial open-source software, you are also actively supporting and maintaining the open-source concept.

.NET is an open-source project under the .NET Foundation. The .NET Foundation promotes open collaboration and development around the .NET ecosystem. You can join thousands of other developers and companies contributing to it. On Stack Overflow, you can find quick answers to your questions from a community of developers.

What are the business applications for .NET?

Competing successfully in the market requires a high-quality and reliable business web application. As a result, many businesses pay close attention to the development tools when developing their own digital products.

One of the best frameworks for developing flexible business applications in the short term is .NET. .NET is preferred by a wide range of companies for developing robust and reliable web and mobile applications.

Any IT Company that offers Software Development as their Service use either or both .NET and Angular.

.NET is used for a variety of different software development phases, as it provides the programming environment for most applications. Businesses that need web-based services, desktop software, and cloud infrastructure support can benefit most from .NET.

The .NET framework is at the core of an impressive variety of business applications.

1. Desktop Applications

.NET can be used to develop accounting or bookkeeping applications, inventory and product applications, warehousing and storehousing systems, CRM systems, logistics and supply management applications, and business intelligence applications. The applications can run on Windows, OSx, Mac, and Linux.

2. Multi-platform web applications

.NET can be used to develop XML Web Services, dynamic web pages, and various websites, like e-Commerce, homepages, magazine websites, landing pages, and others.

3. Mobile apps

.NET can be used to develop native mobile apps for Android or iOS. It can also be used to create cross-platform mobile apps and hybrid mobile apps.

4. Other applications

The potential of the .NET framework even extends beyond the most common applications detailed above. It can be used to create applications built for embedded systems and console-based applications. These include handheld PC or PDA apps.

.NET can be used for applications for embedded systems included in home appliances, tracking systems and much more.

All businesses stand to benefit from .NET and Angular Development technology. It’s convenient functionality and globally trusted platform make it the best choice for creating apps surrounding the sensitive data involved in banking and finance. You can accelerate your development process by hiring .NET developers from a reputable company.

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