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ClinkIT Solutions Launches ClinkIT PowerUp – A Seed Program for Start-ups

17 Mar 2020

ClinkIT Solutions announced today the launch of its competition for its 2020 Startup Seed Program –ClinkIT PowerUp to discover the world’s most promising start-ups and disruptive innovators with the ambition to ACCELERATE AND GO BEYOND LIMITS

The winning entry will get access to comprehensive campaign-creation tools, technology, and technical expertise until an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is successfully produced.  

“We’re not your typical accelerator program. There’s no cash funding involved. Just heads down hard work to shape a startup that can shake the world – all for 12 weeks”, said Paul Harris, founder of ClinkIT PowerUp. Instead, ClinkIT PowerUp team provides software, content, and hands-on support to eliminate the hassle of infrastructure building and to make the entrepreneurial journey less stressful and more successful. 

To know more about ClinkIT PowerUp 2020 Startup Seed Program, please visit our site here:

What the competition timeline looks like 

The submission of entries opens Monday, March 15, 2020, via our site and will be open until April 30, 2020.

About ClinkIT PowerUp 

ClinkIt PowerUp is a global launchpad for the world’s most promising start-ups and disruptive innovators – shaping them into scalable, growth-focused companies that can shake the world. We enable young businesses and entrepreneurs to kick off their entrepreneurial adventure and get the right support, mentorship, and connection throughout the life of their project. 

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