Top 10 Reasons Organizations Should Use SharePoint

Use SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a cloud collaboration and document management system that enables organizations to manage, store, and share content and documents to automate workflow processes, promote teamwork, and boost business efficiencies. Here are ten reasons every organization should use SharePoint.   Integrated Multi-Purpose Functionality At the heart of Microsoft SharePoint is flexibility. The platform facilitates file …

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Cloud Computing Trends for 2021 and Beyond

Cloud Computing Trends for 2021

1. Edge Computing Edge computing, according to Gartner, refers to “a distributed computing topology where information processing is located close to the edge, where things and people produce or consume that information.” Cloudflare defines it as “a networking philosophy focused on bringing computing as close to the source of data as possible.” while TechTarget explains that is …

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Top Cloud Service Providers 2021

Cloud Service Providers

Whether it’s infrastructure, products and services, operating system, applications, or software, everything is moving to the cloud. Cloud computing enables organizations and enterprises to use and consume computing resources over the Internet or ‘cloud’ for more efficient infrastructure management, lower operating costs, and stronger overall security. Here are the top cloud service providers in 2021. Microsoft Azure …

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Cloud Computing Services: Basic Guide for Beginners

Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing, simply put, is a service that allows users to perform tasks on the web. Because it can function virtually and without being dependent on your physical computing resources, hence the term ‘cloud’, it is a better way to do business. Google Cloud, Azure, and AWS are some examples of cloud computing services. Types …

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What is Business Continuity Planning? 4 Essential Facts You Need to Know


Where your business is concerned, backup and restoration are key components to protect against consequences or damage of prolonged downtime. Your business continuity plan won’t just help your company stay afloat but will also keep it thriving in the face of unpredictable interruptions. If you’re still on the fence about investing in the development of …

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