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Business As Usual During the Coronavirus Crisis: 5 Predictions and Strategies from Industry Experts

16 Apr 2020

Industry experts weigh in on the impact of the current global pandemic to organizations and enterprises across all industries and share their insights on how to conduct business as usual during and after this time of uncertainty. 

If change is constant, flexibility and agility are paramount 

The ever-evolving metrics for brand success in a volatile economy, according to Claire Burgess, Head of Biddable, NMPi, will keep everyone on their toes in order to keep the company afloat. This means being agile, always keeping in touch with clients and investors alike, as well as being as flexible as possible to achieve breakaway growth and success.  

Re-evaluate marketing priorities to better suit the ‘new normal’ 

Now is the time to review your current marketing strategy to come up with a plan to produce long-term gains during times of recession and beyondPaul Frampton, President Europe, Control v. Exposed said that this will allow an organization to spend less time and resources dealing with crisis-related adjustments and more effort creating new partnerships with brands facing the unknown.   

Grab all opportunities to offer something new but with genuine value for business  

The coronavirus situation must not be viewed as something that can totally derail our perceived working lives; rather, it’s nudge that we need to keep moving, stay focused, and look forward to embracing the new business as usual attitude no matter what. Fiona Wylie, Founder, The Brand Champions, sees this as an amazing opportunity to provide existing clients and prospective customers products and services that might be strangely novel for them but will bring genuine value for their businesses and lives.  

Collaboration is key to surviving with as little collateral damage as possible 

Whilst we are in uncharted territory, according to Stephen Jenkins, Founder & Managing Director, Too Many Dreams, this is the best time to bolster collaboration, inclusive communication, and community support. People must be given assurance that working from home is not just a temporary solution – it is the future of work – and it can be the ideal business strategy in order to thrive and survive during an economic crisis.  

Cultural codes are key levers that can boost or sink a brand 

“It is critical for any brand that its marketing tech or advertising campaign can get the message across its target audience in the most culturally sensitive and relevant way possible”, said Alex Gordon, CEO, Sign Salad. Incorporating the right cultural context within the brand can help the organization gain stronger traction with consumers and stand out from competitors.  

ClinkIT Solutions aims to bring you inspiration from industry experts on how to successfully navigate through the ‘new normal’If you need help in making a more informed business decision that will benefit your organizationwe can help you find the right Business Continuity Plan (BCP) strategy and tools. Contact us today.  

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