9 Social Media Trends We’ll See in 2023

07 Dec 2022

Speed is the name of the game when it comes to social media. In an ever-evolving digital landscape, it struggles to stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace. 

TikTok and social commerce dominated 2022’s social media trends, but as we look forward to 2023, we can already see a shift in the things brands need to consider as they plan their social media strategy.  

Fashion and lifestyle shoppers continue to rely heavily on social media for engagement as one of the most important platforms. A survey conducted earlier in 2022 showed that 100% of consumers go to their favourite platforms for fashion and lifestyle inspiration before making a purchase, proving the importance of investing in social media presence.  

Let’s take a look ahead at what we might see more of in 2023 as we prepare for a busy fourth quarter of 2022.

1. Communities are the new persona

Personas are over, think communities. Brands will move further away from personas and target their broader brand communities. In these spaces, it’s less about the influencer broadcasting content and more about the exchange between all community members.

2. Social commerce on the rise

We’ve seen a rise in social commerce over the past few years, which involves browsing and purchasing products via social media and social messaging platforms.  

This allows businesses to promote their ecommerce products across social media, such as through Instagram’s Shoppable posts. Facebook allows you to build product catalogs, Twitter allows you to add buy buttons, and Pinterest allows you to create buyable pins.  

Now is the time to develop a social shopping strategy for your ecommerce business if you don’t already have one. 

3. Short-form video is king

By the end of 2022, TikTok is expected to have 5 billion active users.  

In response to TikTok’s success, Instagram and YouTube launched short-form video options. Give short-form videos a try this year or next if you haven’t yet.  

Start by posting snippets from existing videos or shooting brand-new footage. Luckily, the shorter format makes it much easier to create! 

4. Authenticity and integrity

Authenticity and integrity will be key factors for brands and social media channels in 2023 as consumers demand trust in the content they engage with.  

As TikTok and BeReal gain popularity, audiences are showing a preference for more in-the-moment and true-to-life content over polished profiles.  

Flash photography and filter-free images will continue to gain traction on Instagram, and photo dumps of everyday life (whether in carousel or reel formats) will take precedence over more traditional ‘Instagram’ content. 

5. Social media goes green

We are seeing a shift in how consumers and brands view the environment. Brands and consumers will work together to make a meaningful impact on the environment. Buzzwords like ‘sustainable’, ‘green’, and ‘net zero’ don’t appeal to consumers. They want real action.

6. Increase in paid advertising

A new algorithm was introduced by Facebook in 2016. The change prioritized posts from friends and family over brands, resulting in less organic social traffic for brands. 

In other words, if brands want their pages to be seen, they have to pay for social media advertising. Paid social media advertising prices have increased due to increased competition.  

Over the next few years, social media ad spending is expected to reach around $358 billion. 

7. The Metaverse

With a market potential of $800bn, expect even more players to join the Metaverse in the months to come. Instead of just connecting us to our friends through 2D web pages, social media platforms in the metaverse may provide immersive, interactive experiences that stimulate as many of our senses as possible. 

Our catchups can take place anywhere that is imaginable when we connect. Virtual reality already provides lifelike sights and sounds, and it’s becoming increasingly capable of simulating other senses, such as touch and smell. Today, we might be able to stay in touch with a loved one via texting or video chat. However, in the near future, we might be able to embrace them and give them flowers, smelling the fragrance as we do so.

8. iOS 14’s major impact

One of the biggest social media trends, especially for advertising, was the launch of iOS 14. As a result of Apple’s crackdown on in-app tracking, the digital advertising industry was upended, and advertisers had no way of knowing whether their mobile ads were effective. 

You can lessen the impact of iOS 14 by taking a more aggressive approach, adapting to changing circumstances, and allowing ads to run for two to four more weeks before evaluating their success. 

Additionally, you should follow traditional advertising best practices. Prioritize benefits over features, consider your clients’ location and take risks with ad copy. Even after iOS 14, your business can drive revenue from social media using these tips.

9. Vigilance against misinformation

In recent years, many social media platforms have taken proactive measures to combat misinformation.  

Google and Facebook have announced that they will ban advertising on sites that contain illegal, misleading, or deceptive content. Social media sites are likely to continue their efforts to mitigate misinformation being spread on their platforms. 


Social media users make up the fastest growing segment of the Internet.  

Throughout 2023, platforms and users alike are urging us to keep it real. In order to retain their audience, brands are going to have to dig deeper if they want to convert them, regardless of the platforms. Marketers must focus on creating symbiotic relationships by better understanding online conversations. 

As social media experts, ClinkIT Solutions knows what it takes to reach your target audience online. 

With our custom social media plans, you can establish a presence on top social media platforms, engage users, and provide them with valuable information. 

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