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Why You Should Allow Your Employees to Work from Home

16 Mar 2020

Working from home was once considered a privilege for the very few who can choose to do so – and an even impossible dream for the rest of mere mortal employees.  

But with all the struggles, frustrations, and inconveniences of dealing with a long commute to the office, not to mention the looming epidemic threat, remote work seems to be expected and is now being actively pursued by many organizations. Just ask Amazon on their recent decision to hire 3,000 remote employees with full benefits. 

According to Forbes, work done remotely is ‘no longer a privilege’ and that it could lead to up to $4,000 annual savings for the average person. It is now deemed as ‘the new normal’, if you’re going to ask Fast Company while Stanford University economics professor Nicholas Bloom believes that providing work at home opportunities ‘should be standard practice’.  

The most compelling reason for the rise of work from home trends is its positive impact on employee productivity2019 US survey was conducted to determine if it is the better way to accomplish tasks and these were revealed: 

  • remote workers worked an average of 1.4 more days every month as compared to office-based employees  
  • the former has an average 27 minutes of unproductive time while the latter spends 37 minutes in doing non-work related tasks excluding lunch and breaks 
  • about 15% of remote workers and 22% of office-based employees complain their boss distracts them from getting work done 

So is it time to let your employees work from anywhere, even at the comforts of their own homes?  

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