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What Does an Employee-Empowered Organization Look Like?

20 Mar 2020

Promoting a Horizontal Organizational Structure

It is not a matter of collapsing the hierarchy but creating a boundary-less organization in which anything that hinders or delays the creation, flow, and delivery of information and ideas are removed or rejected. Team collaboration across different departments or divisions as well as autonomy in operations, execution, and maintenance is encouraged. This creates a trust-based work environment where every member of the organization is assured of their contribution and value while going beyond customer expectations.

Plotting the Course of an Employee-Empowered Organization

Within an employee-empowered organization, the CEO selects a dominant approach and incorporates best practices as a guide in a specific direction that all managers and employees can follow. The CEO provides a safe work environment as well as resources where decision-making can be made without hesitation or fear and where skills and competency training are made available and encouraged.

Living and Leading the Way of an Employee-Empowered Organization

Within an employee-empowered organization, managers do the right thing not because they are expected to but because they stand for what they believe and they want to set a good precedent among all members of the team. Under this type of leadership, employees are looked after and everyone can work interdependently with confidence and satisfaction. When managers stop obsessing about becoming persons of authority and start acting more like persons of support, respect is freely given and enthusiasm abounds.

Making Responsible Decisions in an Employee-Empowered Organization

Within an employee-empowered organization, capable and trustworthy employees are not coerced to act upon their designated duties but decide to do so with initiative and willingness. In larger companies, they can form teams that oversee various aspects of the business which increase their expertise, experience, and commitment to the organization.

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