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The First 8 Steps for Building a Kick-Ass Website

10 Feb 2020

Building a website from scratch? This article provides insightful details so you can get it up and running as soon as possible.  

1. Choose a domain name/URL

It should be a name that strongly represents your brand and clearly resonates with the kind of business you’re dealing with.

2. Register your domain name/URL 

There are many registration services that offer domain name registration. The price can vary greatly so find what best fits your site and budget.  

3. Choose a hosting service

Make sure that the hosting service you choose provides excellent speed and reliability as well as good customer service.

4. Connect your domain name to your web host

Request your Domain Name Server name or DNS from your web host and plug it into your domain name registrar account. You can skip this step if your web host already provides a domain name with its hosting service.

5. Install WordPress

WordPress is a powerful, well supported, and relatively easy website building tool. Feel free to explore the other options out there but for we find WordPress to be the most comprehensive off the shelf option on the market.

6. Choose a website theme

WordPress offers free and paid themes to help you plan on your website design and layout to reflect your brand and business.

7. Configure your website

Make everything clear and simple for users. Intuitive website navigation will encourage visitors to explore your site further.

8. Add content

If you’ve made it this far, then the next task is to publish content that will guide website visitors throughout the different stages of the buyer cycle, and hopefully lead them to be converted into paying customers.

Is your website intentionally structured to convert users and prospects to loyal customers? If you’re overwhelmed with all the steps involved in building a website, ClinkIT Solutions can do it for you. Let’s talk.

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