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Sidekicks Program

Sidekicks Program: Discovering Future Talent to Create a Diverse Team

How do you find talent? The conventional way is to advertise the job, screen applicants, interview and give them an exam. But it takes more than a couple of meetings and hours of evaluation to discover superheroes with extraordinary skills, sharp minds, and the right attitude. At ClinkIT Solutions, we have created Sidekicks, a 3-month

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The Team Behind ClinkIT Solutions’ Expertise

The Team Behind ClinkIT Solutions’ Expertise

Whether you know exactly what you need from the outset or are in need of expert outsourcing advice from experienced professionals, there’s not a challenge that ClinkIT Solutions’ team of world-class developers, technical specialists, and Microsoft-certified engineers cannot tackle. Iconic moves, ingenuous innovation, incredible talent – this is what ClinkIT Solutions offers to help drive

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Why Education Still Matters

Why Education Still Matters to Employers

Education still matters to employers. It’s not the sole or ultimate factor of an individual’s employability but bears significant impact in the final decision-making process of a hiring manager or business owner. Here are three reasons why hiring managers or business leaders care both if and where a candidate went to college. Academic Reputation Academic

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Blog August BasicWebpageLayout

Basic Webpage Layout: An Introduction to CSS Grid

This is a walk-through article by one of ClinkIT Solutions’ software developers providing an introduction and step-by-step guide in using CSS Grid for a basic webpage layout. A typical webpage has numerous elements such as text, links, images, etc. So how do we arrange all these parts? If we simply place these elements in HTML,

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Blog August GenderEquality

A Business Edge: The Philippines, Highest Ranked Country in Gender Equality

The Road to a Gender Equal World Gender equality isn’t just a women-centered issue; it’s a business growth issue. Communities, societies, and economies will only thrive and succeed when men and women are provided with the same opportunity to develop skills, gain employment, and acquire leadership positions in the workplace. Advancing women’s equality could lead

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Outsourcing Dominance in 2021

Top Ten Drivers of Philippine Outsourcing Dominance in 2021

The Philippines ticks more boxes than any other outsourcing destination worldwide. Here are ten key reasons why. The growth trajectory of its Information Technology-Business Process Outsourcing (IT-BPO) is on a strong positive upward curve. When the Philippines’ IT-BPO sector entered the market two decades ago, it only had 0.075 percent contribution to the country’s GDP.

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Hacker Land Radio Transmitter

Algorithm: Hackerland Radio Transmitter

This is a walk-through article by one of ClinkIT Solutions’ software developers on solving a hacker rank problem. In this article, we are going to solve a hacker rank problem called Hackerland Radio Transmitter. HackerRank is a coding-based online platform where programmers, developers, and hackers can learn about, practice, and solve competitive programming problems, tests,

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What is Containerization

What is Containerization?

This is a walk-through article by one of ClinkIT Solutions’ software developers providing an overview about containerization in DevOps. In our world today, technology has enabled humans to reach new levels and new heights. From simple calculating machines, to burn-to-metal servers, all the way to complex cloud hosted systems, indeed, humans have come a long

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Introduction to HTML

Introduction to HTML: Webpage Creation for Beginners

This is a walk-through article by one of ClinkIT Solutions’ software developers on getting started with HTML.  HTML or Hypertext Markup Language is the standard markup language for documents designed to be displayed in a web browser. Web browsers, on which the web applications/websites are viewed, only interpret HTML when loading and displaying documents. This means that

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