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Sidekicks Story: The Beginning and Beyond of Sidekicks

American author and retired businessman Lawrence Bossidy once said, “nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day you bet on people, not on strategies.” This aligns with what we strongly value at ClinkIT Solutions. As Paul Harris, ClinkIT Solutions CEO, put it, “We want to find

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Update Your Cybersecurity Plan Today

In today’s hyperconnected world, existing and emerging cybersecurity threats continue to evolve and become increasingly sophisticated. Putting both individuals and enterprises at constant risk. From phishing, ransomware attacks, and advanced persistent threats to distributed denial of service (DDoS), data manipulation or data destruction, and intellectual property theft, the cybercrime landscape is diverse and relentless. Now

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Women in Tech

Women in Tech: The heroes among us are also female

Technology is fast evolving but creating a gender equal workplace in the tech industry remains at a slow pace. For instance, the data from the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) showed 47% of employed adults in the US are women, but they only hold 25% of computing roles. Of the 25% of

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Hire Social Media Manager

5 Reasons to Hire a Social Media Manager

Social media managers are responsible for a brand’s image across social media channels. They create, compile, and promote content; monitor, moderate, and interact with customers; plan, implement, and measure marketing strategies. Social media managers oversee an organization’s online presence andensure that it reflects the voice of the brand. Duties and Responsibilities of Social Media Managers

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Email Marketing with CRM

5 Business Benefits of Integrating Email Marketing with CRM

Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy that involves the creation and delivery of highly focused, value-driven content via email to a list of subscribers in order to establish and maintain a relationship. There are two main goals: first, convert prospects into paying customers; second, turn first-time buyers into recurring customers. Customer Relationship Management or

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SEO Success

10 Keys to SEO Success

A carefully planned and well executed SEO strategy is critical for business success. Whether driven via organic traffic or paid ads, these are the steps to get more eyes on your blog posts, improve search engine rankings, generate targeted leads, or increase revenues. Consider these ten keys to SEO success: Page Speed A slow-loading page

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Why a Cybersecurity Plan Is Important For Your Small Business

A cybersecurity plan for your small business is the first line of defense from cybercrimes. With innovation, agility, and technological expertise being non-negotiable criteria for industry growth and success in the digital age, it is crucial for organizations to have a robust cybersecurity strategy that delivers round the clock protection against online vulnerabilities and threats. Why

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10 Best Practices to Optimize Website Navigation

10 Best Practices to Optimize Website Navigation

Website navigation, also called internal link architecture, is what facilitates movement from one web page to another. When web navigation works well, the result is a good user experience for anyone who visits the site. The last thing you want is having visitors who can’t figure out where to find what they want and prompting

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