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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams: Supporting Remote Workforce During Business Disruptions

The Corona virus outbreak has forced companies and organizations to make drastic changes and adjustments not just to keep business going but more importantly, to enable a thriving workforce to stay productive and efficient while doing their tasks remotely. Microsoft Teams provides essential tools and innovative solutions to ensure that your organization can weather this storm and continue to thrive for the long term. 

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New Normal Remote Work

Leading Remote Teams Through Pandemic Disruptions: Best CIO Practices for Working From Home

ClinkIT Solutions has operated under a remote work model from day one. We offer the following advice to help the transition from a traditional office environment to a work from home setting during these unprecedented times.  Establish a remote leadership team Evaluate current line-up of managers and key persons within your organization to create a team of experts who have previous experience or obvious capabilities to handle

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Blog How To Leverage

The Business Path to New Normal: How to Leverage the Business As Usual Approach Amidst a Global Pandemic

COVID-19. It’s the new guy in town. It’s dominating the headlines as it brings with it an unprecedented range of challenges in all aspects of life. Many countries have already imposed stricter health measures to flatten the coronavirus curve. Around the world, organizations and enterprises are scrambling to find adjustments they can make to continue operating, protect employees, and support customers.  It seems clear

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work from home

How to Work From Home The ClinkIT Solutions Experience: “Work From Home Is In Our DNA”

As more and more businesses shift to a work from home setting for the first time, ClinkIT Solutions is reaping the benefits of having had a work from home structure from the start.   Take it from us: it’s not as easy as it looks.   We know from experience that moving to a work from home platform can be daunting. It requires much more than a shift in

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Business during corona virus

Business As Usual During the Coronavirus Crisis: 5 Predictions and Strategies from Industry Experts

Industry experts weigh in on the impact of the current global pandemic to organizations and enterprises across all industries and share their insights on how to conduct business as usual during and after this time of uncertainty.  If change is constant, flexibility and agility are paramount  The ever-evolving metrics for brand success in a volatile economy, according to Claire Burgess, Head

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First Three Steps to Creating an Authentic Brand

The First Three Steps to Creating an Authentic Brand

Today’s empowered customers can see through deceptive marketing tactics and they are quick to make a judgment on whether a business is authentic or not. Because brand authenticity can dictate your company’s path towards growth and success, consider these important steps towards creating an authentic brand.  1. Identify your core values Brand authenticity starts from being able to define and understand

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7 business benefits microsoft power bi

7 Business Benefits of Microsoft Power BI

Data Accessibility With Power BI, there is great accessibility to relevant data sets and data sources that are crucial for creating clear and easy to understand reports. All work-related information, documents, and files are stored in a centralized location. It enables you to view, extract, or transfer data anytime, anywhere from any device or platform.

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Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

Keyword Optimization: A Cornerstone of an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

Keyword optimization refers to the three-stage process that plays a major role in your digital marketing strategy. Optimizing keywords within your webpage content can help boost click-throughs from the search listings and can drive qualified leads from search engines to your website. Three Basic Categories of Keywords An effective digital marketing strategy involves content planning

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What Does an Employee-Empowered Organization Look Like?

What Does an Employee-Empowered Organization Look Like?

Promoting a Horizontal Organizational Structure It is not a matter of collapsing the hierarchy but creating a boundary-less organization in which anything that hinders or delays the creation, flow, and delivery of information and ideas are removed or rejected. Team collaboration across different departments or divisions as well as autonomy in operations, execution, and maintenance

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ClinkIT Solutions Launches ClinkIT PowerUp

ClinkIT Solutions Launches ClinkIT PowerUp – A Seed Program for Start-ups

ClinkIT Solutions announced today the launch of its competition for its 2020 Startup Seed Program –ClinkIT PowerUp to discover the world’s most promising start-ups and disruptive innovators with the ambition to ACCELERATE AND GO BEYOND LIMITS.  The winning entry will get access to comprehensive campaign-creation tools, technology, and technical expertise until an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is successfully produced.   “We’re not your typical accelerator program. There’s no cash funding

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