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Create a .net core

Create a .NET Core API Documentation Representation using Swagger

This is a walk-through article by one of ClinkIT Solutions’ software developers providing the steps on how to use Swagger for .NET Core API Documentation Representation. Being a back-end developer means setting up the backbone, making a high-level architectural plan, dealing with the server side of the application to make different platform types function as

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Beginners guide to CSS

The CSS Display Property: A Beginner’s Guide to CSS Layout

This is a walk-through article by one of ClinkIT Solutions’ lead mobile developers explaining the most important CSS property for controlling layout. Like with anything else, the basics go a long way. Understanding how elements behave on your page makes it easier to use and edit them as needed. Among the many basics that are oftentimes overlooked

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Benefits of Using CSS

The Top 4 Benefits of Using CSS Preprocessors

This is a walk-through article by one of ClinkIT Solutions’ lead developers providing the benefits of using CSS Preprocessors. CSS or Cascading Style Sheets refers to the language used to design and present HTML. As an essential part of web development, CSS is what makes web pages look good and load faster through a variety of fonts,

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Introduction to Xcode Build Configurations

This is a walk-through article by one of ClinkIT Solutions’ lead mobile developers providing the steps on how to set up Xcode build configurations for differentiating app names and icons. A build configuration is a collection of settings used when building your application. With build configurations, we developers can define different application environments. These include

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What is Business Continuity Planning? 4 Essential Facts You Need to Know

Where your business is concerned, backup and restoration are key components to protect against consequences or damage of prolonged downtime. Your business continuity plan won’t just help your company stay afloat but will also keep it thriving in the face of unpredictable interruptions. If you’re still on the fence about investing in the development of

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NetFoundry – A Business Continuity Plan

As global concern grows over the COVID-19 crisis, enterprises and organizations must re-evaluate the practicality and investment sense of putting their eggs into one basket. The ability to respond appropriately when there are unforeseen or imminent business disruptions is a competitive advantage for any small or large company. Business disruption readiness is referred to as Business Continuity Planning (BCP). It is the process

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Four Business Continuity Planning Tools to Help your Business Survive Disruption

Four Business Continuity Planning Tools to Help your Business Survive Disruption

Companies with a contingency plan in place are at a considerable advantage when confronting natural disasters, catastrophic events, or internal emergencies that may cause business interruption and economic loss.   Business continuity planning (BCP) is an ongoing process that requires considerable strategy, focus and investment in order to position the organization to be best prepared for unplanned business interruptions. Developing a business continuity plan is not a one-and-done event.  In this digital age, BCP tools and technologies can be guiding essentials for companies in mitigating the negative impacts of disruptions as well as

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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams: Supporting Remote Workforce During Business Disruptions

The Corona virus outbreak has forced companies and organizations to make drastic changes and adjustments not just to keep business going but more importantly, to enable a thriving workforce to stay productive and efficient while doing their tasks remotely. Microsoft Teams provides essential tools and innovative solutions to ensure that your organization can weather this storm and continue to thrive for the long term. 

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New Normal Remote Work

Leading Remote Teams Through Pandemic Disruptions: Best CIO Practices for Working From Home

ClinkIT Solutions has operated under a remote work model from day one. We offer the following advice to help the transition from a traditional office environment to a work from home setting during these unprecedented times.  Establish a remote leadership team Evaluate current line-up of managers and key persons within your organization to create a team of experts who have previous experience or obvious capabilities to handle

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